Should You Settle For Your Partner’s Flaws?

Should You Settle For Your Partner’s Flaws?

You’ve found someone great, funny, smart, just your type; but then you start spending some time together and realise this person has a little bit of a short temper when they’re hungry, or is someone who isn’t able to make quick decisions when you’re out shopping with them, or just that their spending habits are a little more extravagant than yours. Are these little flaws deal breakers?

To be honest, they needn’t be. Because if you start scrutinizing every little part of your partner’s personality, chances are, you’ll find a lot more flaws than you’re prepared to see. So, it’s up to you to decide whether your relationship and how this person makes you feel is something that can make those little flaws appear like tiny potholes that you eventually learn how to manoeuvre around.

Think about it – if you turn the introspective eye inwards, chances are, there are a lot of minute flaws in you too. After all, no one is perfect, right?

So, coming back to the question — should you settle for your partner’s flaws? If they are the kind that could hurt you or your relationship, then maybe no. But otherwise, yes; because learning to accept your partner’s flaws and accepting them is what the foundation of a healthy relationship is built on.

So, how do you learn to deal with these flaws? Here’s a few tips!

  • Accept that your partner is not perfect, but neither are you and that you are both attempting to build a near-perfect relationship together!
  • Accept that there are certain things out of your control and you shouldn’t try to fix them because it would mean changing who your partner is as a person.
  • Accept that your love is stronger than a small quirk that you don’t like (maybe you’ll love that about them eventually too!)
  • Accept that you both express love differently and choose to consciously recognize the way you give and receive love.
  • Lastly, accept your differences, and cherish your similarities. After all, you are two distinct individuals and just because you are together doesn’t mean you have to become the same!

So, the next time you find yourself getting annoyed at something small that your partner did, repeat these pointers to yourself. Keep them in mind, and you’ll have just the right tools in hand to build a beautiful and long-lasting relationship!

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