Self Driving Technology Under Development to Save Many Lives

Can technology even prevent accidents and save lives? Lets us know how is that possible.

A person from British shared his experience on how self-driving technology in car has saved his life and got him out from the death phase.

The pioneer believes that this technology can minimize road accidents and thereby save many lives too.

Professor Newman who is the founder of Oxbotica also told how he and his family were saved from a car crash when he pulled out to an A-road, directly into the path of lorry.

According to Mr. Newman there is a machine which can be learnt to understand in order to get the ability to obtain early warnings and information about any sort of crashes and possible accidents around.

“Everyone in the family was ok but it wasn’t clear they were going to be as the truck was ploughing in to the back of the car. The thing is, the next day I was like, ‘I don’t think I’m driving any better now’, because I don’t know what I did wrong.

“There wasn’t something obvious I would do differently. That made me nervous and that was quite a lonely experience. 

Thus, this professor is involved in developing that machine which can save many lives.

The Oxbotica was founded in 2014 and Mr. Newman was one of the Co-Founders of this company.

Professor Newman believes that Machine usually tends to make mistakes which can be fixed by taking it to laboratories.

But when humans are into those machines which can make mistakes, the possibility of humans getting repaired and al right is least or nil.

Thus, his company is involved in developing some really advanced technology.

He is developing some automated control systems for vehicles which can save the humans into the machines when the machines do mistakes or when the situations are wrong.

The development is still not officially confirmed since it is still in a trail stage.

He is self-driving the cars after the technological development and advancement.

In 2017, he kept driving between London and Oxford.

Al though nothing is officially confirmed, yet everyone is excited and are waiting for the day this car and these vehicles get launched.

It’s pretty common to think about improving the look and technology for surviving in the market.

But Mr Newman has established a company to develop an advanced technology which never happened before, just to ensure a better safety for people.



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