Mysterious Radio Signals Detected

Astronomers have detected repeated radio signals from a mysterious source in a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away.

The unexplained signals from the other side of the universe known as fast radio bursts are rarely observed phenomenon.

FRB’s are bright, millisecond-long pulses of radio signals from beyond the Milky way that were first identified only a decade ago.

FRB’s last just a few milliseconds and appear to be coming from deep space. Since the FRB’s last for a short duration of time, pinpointing its origin has not been possible.

On Saturday, UC Berkeley postdoctoral researcher Dr.Vishal Gajjar used the Breakthrough Listen backed instrument at the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia to Target FRB 121102 again which was observed in 2012. FRB 121102 was found to repeat in 2015 again.

In the process of trying to observe FRB-121102 Astronomers ended up overcoming with the new bursts. The numbers however, indicate that the 1st signal was discovered on November 2, 2012.

Now that’s what is unique that after the signals being pinpointed in the year 2015, it’s heard again a year later.

The new bursts during the monitoring effort run over five hours of observation. 400 Terabytes of data over the 4 to 8 Hz frequency band was collected which is mostly used for satellite communications transmissions.

Possible explanations for FRB’s range from rotating neutron stars with extremely strong magnetic fields, to more speculative ideas that they are directed energy sources used by extraterrestrial civilisations to power spacecraft.

Earlier this year, Harvard researchers specified that these radio bursts could be beam set up by extragalactic civilisations to potentially power the light sails.

However, they concluded that it was purely speculative,and several other scientists have cautioned against linking these bursts to possible alien intelligence.

Again some researchers are opposed that they aren’t aware of the reasons for why the fast radio bursts quickly but that’s nothing to do with the ALIENS.

Initial Results indicate that the FRB’s enti at a higher frequency than previously observed. This will be able to help the scientists in determining the source from which it has been produced.

The organisation and the related researchers said more information will be presented in an upcoming article to be published in scientific journal.


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