Midsized black hole may be hiding out in the Milky Way

Scientists have discovered a strange and huge Black Hole at the heart of the Milky way hiding within a cloud filled in with molecular gas.

This situation has occurred for the first time.
It’s estimated to have a mass of about 10,000 times that of our Sun- placing it in the intermediate sized class.

According to the scientists these were believed to be in existence but was not yet found.

A black hole is that space which has high level of gravitational force such that it absorbs all light that passes through it in the midst.

It’s difficult to find black holes because they’re completely Black. In the rarest cases it could be identified for the effect they cause.

Intermediate mass black holes are considered to be the missing link with respect to the cosmic objects.
However no direct evidence has been obtained.

Lying for about 25000 light years away from earth, how did the Milky way evolve??

A recent research stated that the black holes are important for the creation of galaxies, stars and life itself.

It was found hiding in the molecular cloud by a Japanese scientist using Alma – 16,400 feet above the sea level in the Andes in Northern Chile.

One of the most prominent theories about how supermassive black holes are formed at the centre of many galaxies including the Milky way, acting as seeds to create their larger counterparts.
That’s how the black holes get massive so quickly.

Professor Oka of Keio university said that it is widely accepted black holes whose masses are expected to be greater than the solar masses.

Researches have predicted that about 100 million holes should exist in the Milky way Galaxy out of which only 60 has been identified till now.

The concept of Black holes was firstly predicted by Albert Einstein.
And it was just 46 years ago when the 1st black hole was identified as predicted.

Finding an IMBH (Intermediate Mass black hole) shall now become one of the key researches to be made by scientists across the world.

Researchers will continue to study this IMBH in order to understand its nature in a detailed manner.


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