Scientists in Germany have developed the sharpest laser in the world with the precision that is record breaking records. This laser can help in giving more precision to the optical atomic clocks along with the theory of relativity of Einstein. Laser light, theoretically has one frequency, wavelength or color.  However, there is a fixed line width always.

German Scientists Develop The Sharpest Laser in the World
German Scientists Develop The Sharpest Laser in the World

Researchers also including those from the German Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) have now designed a  laser having a linewidth of 10 miliHertz that is very close to the ideal laser. The precision is very much useful in many applications like precision spectroscopy,  optical atomic clocks, radio astronomy and for various other experiments on the theory of relativity.

Around 50 years have passed right from the beginning of the laser’s technical realization, and it is difficult in imagining how we could survive without them till date. Laser light is utilized in many applications in medicine, information technology, and industry.  Lasers have paved way for certain new aspects that are possible in the first place.

World's Sharpest Laser
World’s Sharpest Laser

One of the most amazing properties of the laser is the outstanding coherence of the light emitted. For researchers, it is a scale for the measurement of regular frequency and linewidth of the light waves.

Ideally, there is only one frequency or wavelength of the laser light. In the practical utilization, the spectrum of different types of lasers has the possibility of reaching to Mhz from some kHz in width which is not considered optimum for various experiments that need extremely high precision.Research has been focussed on the improvement of developed lasers with narrower linewidth and higher stability of frequency.

Along with the very small linewidth of the new laser, precise researchers have discovered measurement means which emitted the frequency of the laser light to have precision better than what has been previously achieved.


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