2018 An Year Of Earth Quakes Due To Slow Rotation Of Earth

2018 may not be a great year due to the expected worst experiences that our planet and its people might sadly have.

Scientists are firm after lot of study that in the upcoming year the Earth will see a lot of earth quakes. This shall include at least 20 severe earth quakes.

2017 already witnessed 6 major earth quakes all across the world.

Now why is this expected and strongly affirmed by the scientist??

The planet’s speed of rotation has slowed down which can trigger severe seismic activities under the earth resulting in release of large volumes of energy and thereby occurrence of earth quakes and other calamities.

Sometimes the rotation slowing down by a few seconds definitely will not be felt by us but shall have a harsh impact on us.The changes in the tidal forces is found to be the reason for the seismic activities to trigger in the earth.

Al though the study has been rejected by many other scientists, there is no reason not to believe in the results of the study too.

That side of the earth which is known to be the closest to the moon pulls high gravitational forces than that of the side which is the farthest from the moon.This difference in the gravitational forces is said to develop the tidal bulges.

Further, the research team has found that after every 25-30 years, the rotation of Earth is expected to slow down by a few milliseconds just before the uptick of earthquakes.

And there’s an uptick of earth quakes approximately after every 32 years. This is proven in majority of the severe earth quakes that has occurred worldwide.

This slowing down activity usually has lasted in the past year for about 5 years. In these 5 years the 5th year being the last year will notice the maximum possibilities of severe earth quakes.

Now, coincidentally which seems like a magical story- as per the researchers claims and calculations, 2017 year has been the 4th consecutive year when the earth has slowed downed its rotation.

2018 being the 5th year, has also got another scientific reason for increased possibilities of Earth quake occurrences.

Earthquake is one of the most destructive natural calamities that ruptures the entire area of occurrence.

The major limitation faced is the difficulty in prediction of earth quake.

But, this time the researchers have already given a firm prediction for the year 2018 which calls for preparation in terms of resources and mind.


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