Relationship Myths Busted!

Relationship Myths Busted!

A relationship between two individuals can be described in a number of ways. Marriage, friendship and a couple in love are few of the best examples. However, there are some common misconceptions about relationships which are believed to be true. So here are some longstanding myths and facts about relationships.

# MYTH 1
Opposites Attract!

There may be some truth in this myth, as introverts may feel attracted to extroverts and vice versa. But relationships experts are of the view that compromise is one of the ways to drive a relationship to its success. Hence, opposites attract cannot be true in all cases.

# MYTH 2
Happy Couples Never Fight

This is a pure myth as ‘happily ever after’ only exists in movies and fictitious works. Couples do argue when there is difference of opinions and healthy arguments are an essential aspect of healthy relationships. Nevertheless, couples need to make sure the arguments are not personal attacks against each other.

# MYTH 3
Partners May Cheat

If you wish to build a solid bond with your partner – trust, understanding, and transparency are the key elements that partners should stick to. Hence, when you share a strong bond, your partner won’t cheat!

# MYTH 4
Good Relationships Are Easy And Can Be Maintained Well

Good relationships need mutual understanding and sacrificing certain things for your partner. The success of a relationship lies in the understanding of each partner’s flaws but still wishing to live together, till the end of your lives!

Secrets For A Happy Relationship

  • Spend some time together every day. If you have a busy life schedule, allot some time for your spouse
  • Discuss the matters and issues at home and find a solution with a calm mind
  • Spend some ‘alone’ time to unwind and relax for the day
  • Don’t expect your partner to change according to your wish. This can lead to endless arguments. Instead, focus on offering what your partner expects from you
  • Listen with patience to what your partner has to say and communicate your views about the same. This can help strengthen your bond with your partner

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