Pearls of wisdom

Pearls of wisdom

Valentine’s Day brings relationships to the fore. It is not only a time for giving and receiving, but also for some introspection. They say everybody loves a lover and at no time is this more significant than on Valentines Day, because it is a celebration of love and romance. It is a day when you can express your feelings to the person you love, with cards, gifts, words, and deeds.

No Barriers For Love

It is a day when you also discover the joy and happiness of being loved. Though it may seem like Valentine’s Day is mainly for young people, especially teenagers, but love knows no age and no barriers! So, this can also be the day when people in the older age groups take the opportunity to bring romance back into their relationships, rekindle the flame that is dying out and awaken those beautiful feelings that may be buried under the humdrum Of daily life. Hence, if you feel something for that someone special in your life, do not hesitate to express it on Valentine’s Day!

Take Time To Discover Yourself

For young teenage girls, Valentine’s Day is a new world of meeting or getting to know someone from the opposite sex on a non-platonic level. Along with romance and happiness, it can also bring disappointment, heartbreak or pain, not to mention confusion and uncertainty about the right way to go about such relationships and the right way to behave or to respond.

Take the opportunity to bring romance back into your relationships, rekindle the flame that is dying out and awaken those beautiful feelings that may be buried under -the humdrum of daily life

So, what is ‘going steady’ all about? It certainly implies commitment. It involves being faithful and loyal to one person and not going out on a date with someone else. The first thing is not to be in a hurry to get into a steady relationship if you are still in your teens, because you need time to discover yourself and the traits you appreciate in others.

When one is young, one’s personality and emotions change and mature, Thus, it is important to decide on the level of commitment. As for love, it can be confused with romance, as the physical aspect is bound to come up, due to physical attraction. So in such cases, one has to decide on the level of commitment and involvement.

Know That Self-Respect Is Vital

When friendship is the base, a relationship between a man and woman endures. There is an equal footing where one respects the other. Also, there should be consideration and understanding on both sides. Relationships fail because of a communication gap. Thus, it’s important to learn to talk to each other. Talking and sharing thoughts can really bring two people close. Additionally, in any relationship, self-respect is important, If you respect yourself, you will get respect in return.

Be Beautiful From Within

Young girls may face a problem of shyness, at first. This actually stems from a lack of self-confidence and fear, So, how does one deal with shyness? Young girls may be worried about not being pretty enough, or not having anything to say. Nevertheless, the worrying should stop, because a true friend will accept you the way you are! At the same time, you should make an effort to improve, by trying to develop your personality by reading and learning.

Develop a hobby, interest or talent. This can help you to start a conversation, or participate in one. It can be very simple, if you stop worrying. Also, something as simple as a smile can go a long way in making friends and so does a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at yourself, because everyone likes a person who is beautiful from the inside.

Be Polite And Courteous

There is another side to a relationship and that is your etiquette and manners. A polite demeanour can really make an impression. Politeness and courtesy does not merely mean saying, ‘thank you,’ ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me,’ It goes beyond this. It means being able to overlook another person’s mistakes. So never draw attention or point out a friend’s mistakes publicly.

Others should feel at ease and comfortable with you. Also, maintain decorum of language. Swearing and abusing in public is an absolute no-no. Avoid gossiping and criticizing others and learn to be a good listener. Be genuinely interested in what your friend has to say.

Always Be Yourself

Be true to yourself and strive to be a person with honesty and integrity. If you believe in something, don’t change yourself, just to get the approval of your friends. Thinking and being considerate of others is also important. Remember, that life is a lot of fun if you can bring balance into it. All the aspects – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual should be in harmony and balanced in your personality. You may have to work on it, but you will never go wrong.

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