Open letter to vain facebook friend who shared users’ data

The Facebook’s misconduct has taught everyone a valuable lesson this week. When the unavoidable zombie-virus apocalypse knocked us, the whole world will get infected as few people didn’t clean their hands.

Regardless of our preparation, how many vaccinations we’ve hoarded or how many faceless soldiers we have ready to situate in our futuristic aqua-tanks, the eruption will come down to Patient Zero — the idiot who pets the radioactive monkeys at a military-run lab and then doesn’t clean their hands prior to dinner.

There are 53 persons in Australia. Barring these people didn’t sneeze radioactive monkey DNA onto fellow citizens on a peak-hour train. They signed up for an app, handed over their friends’ personal data and cause an information epidemic that hit 310,000 people across the fine country of Australia.

It doesn’t make any sense. Australia is an island nation aggressively protective of its biosecurity. Apart from biological material crosses our border without intense inspection. Coming to digital security, we were incomplete by 53 people.

53 walking meat-bags signed up to the “This is Your Digital Life” app, but in consideration of that app got obtainable to a mind-boggling 310,000 friends and friends of friends which it sold to Cambridge Analytica.

The numbers are idiotic. Let’s do the maths. 53 people, 310,000 users and their data. So 0.017 percent of Australians became victims by the Cambridge Analytical scandal originally signed up for the quiz in the first place.

If you got the next message, there’s nothing you can do. You don’t know which one of your friends signed up for the app and how many other apps they shared your info with.

Dear Facebook user, inspite of your best efforts, you got affected. Digital life has been spoiled. You’re left to amble the fringes of society, hunting for food and dealing small baubles for a pair of combat boots so you can fight in the Thundercage for a ticket to the Clear Zone.

The worst part is knowing that, this threat was coming. Those privacy cause annoyance to there were the ones warning their friends on Facebook, “Don’t use single sign-on! Don’t sign up for that app! Stop liking so many pages — who cares if that local business shares dank memes on your feed, it’s not worth compromising your personal data!”


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