Modern Meditation Trends

Modern Meditation Trends

The whole idea of meditation is very simple – sitting quietly, focussed on your breath and trying to just remain with yourself. However, the practice of mediation is deeply rooted in cultural history which has seen the practice grow from a religious idea to something which can now seem more stylish than spiritual!

Though there are people who meditate for religious reasons, these days meditation has joined yoga as a worldly and fashionable trend and though it has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition, many are inclined towards modern meditation techniques to benefit from it, both mentally and physically.

In these times of modern technology and technological advancements, individuals habitually wrestle to put away their gadgets, such as smartphones. Therefore, in this modern age, it’s really heartening to notice more and more individuals focus on ancient practices like yoga and meditation to stay healthy. Moreover, in recent times, the popularity of meditating practises has grown in leaps and bounds.

Also, though the primary requirement for meditation is to practice it in silence, there are several other types of meditation practices that can help individuals who have a hard time with the traditional method of meditation. Here are a few examples.

Sound/Music Meditation

Theoretically, sound and music can alter the brain’s chemistry and cure it and since ancient times, particular sounds or music, was used for healing. The moment music waves pass through a space, it gives us a feeling of being a part of the cosmos. This is because the human body is innately designed to ‘synchronize’ with various frequencies.

When it comes to music, the tempo of songs and its frequencies catch our brainwaves. Therefore, entertainment can harmonize unstable brainwaves by facilitating a stable frequency to which we can adapt, just like to the effects of mediation. There are several benefits associated with sound and music meditation. These are as follows:

  • Changing behaviour patterns
  • Balancing the brain hemispheres
  • Connecting to your higher self
  • Driving away negative energy
  • Relaxation more deeply
  • Illness or trauma recovery
  • Boost in creativity
  • Reduction in stress and boost in immune system strength

So, just place your headphones on and be seated for an hour or so with music of your choice to enjoy your improved emotional health.

Guided Mediation

Guided meditation teaches people to unravel the information saved in their subconscious mind. At the same time, it also helps those with stress and sleep disorders.

Moreover, guided meditation can help an individual concentrate on his/ her own desires easily and this form of meditation also helps to improve problem solving ability and boosts creativity and confidence as well.

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