Enterprise customers of large companies have many custom applications that play a crucial role in their organizations. When a Windows 10 upgrade or Office 365 update is done, Murphy’s Law of updates says one or more of those applications is going to break.

Microsoft is now committing to fix any custom applications that may break as a result of updates to Windows 10 or the Office 365 product suite.

This fixing is taken up to ensure apps crashing will not be to the customer’s fate anymore and also is affordable for the company, according to its data majority of applications won’t break when customers move from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Jared Spataro wrote in a blog post announcing these programs “Using millions of data points from customer diagnostic data and the Windows Insider validation process, we’ve found that 99 per cent of apps are compatible with new Windows updates,”

A new tool Desktop Deployment Analytics creates a map of your applications and predicts using artificial intelligence which of them are most likely to have problems with the update. “You now have the ability with the cloud to have intelligence in how you manage these endpoints and get smart recommendations around how you deploy Windows,” Spataro, who is corporate vice president of Microsoft 365.

If things still break then comes the next program, Desktop App Assure, a program to address any application compatibility issues with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus. And also an engineer is appointed to a company to fix anything that breaks.

“We will look to make changes in Windows or Office before we ask you to make changes in your custom application,” Spataro says, but if that doesn’t solve it, they have committed to helping you fix it.

Most of the companies don’t upgrade the system in the fear of app crashing and continue to use Windows 7. Microsoft has extended paid support until 2024, as customers were complaining with support for Windows 7 only until 2020. However, if the apps don’t crash customers are happy to upgrade.

They also made changes to the standard support and update cadence for Windows 10 and Office 365:

All of these programs look like precautionary steps which cost less and easier to handle than after the damage has occurred.


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