Meditation Can Help Manage Chronic Disorders

Meditation Can Help Manage Chronic Disorders

Conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease are some examples of chronic disorders. These conditions account for more than 60 per cent of deaths around the world. Although prescription drugs help provide relief from symptoms, they produce side effects and may cause more harm than the disease itself! At the same time, most of these diseases increase dependency on medicines. Fortunately, there is another way to deal with these chronic illnesses and symptoms, without any side effects – meditation is the best known way to find relief from pain and to reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases.

While practising meditation, you tend to obliterate worries about pain from your brain. Due to this, your parasympathetic nervous system produces a dream-like condition. This enables your body to rest in a state that is favorable for cell regeneration. This eventually results in improvement of blood flow and in normalizing of the heart rate which leads to an improvement in your cognitive responses, stamina and efficient usage of oxygen too.

Meditation also helps in achieving a significant improvement in your circulatory system, enabling blood to do its job. Therefore, meditation also helps to flush out harmful pathogens out of your body which are the reason for your body’s autoimmune responses and chronic illnesses. With improvement in cell regeneration, different body parts get their due share of nutrients and oxygen, along with their own set of immune cells which enables them to fight against microorganisms that cause several illnesses and chronic diseases.

Meditate To Manage Certain Health Conditions

Here are some health conditions that can be eased by practising meditation:

Respiratory Issues:
Meditation requires you to practice breathing exercises which aids in optimized breathing that eventually helps a person to live a life healthy without facing many health issues.

Heart Issues:
It has been observed that people performing yoga and meditational activities have a better heart condition and circulatory system which helps ward off any other health condition.

Meditation is a well-known method to cure conditions like insomnia. Mindfulness meditation is a technique that helps fight insomnia, while improving the quality of sleep as well.

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