Lunar Eclipse 2020: Use These 15 Smartphone Camera Tips & Click Perfect Photos of Wolf Moon Eclipse

Are you comfortable to ruin your night sleep to capture the whole event of this Celestial Phenomenon, Lunar Eclipse 2020 on January 10, Friday? If yes, then this article will help you to click perfect pictures of Chandra Grahan by using your smartphones only.

Before going to involve in the smartphone camera hacks, just have a glimpse at the basic details of Wolf Moon Eclipse 2020. The time and date of Lunar Eclipse 2020 are, it starts from 10:37 PM on January 10 to 2:42 AM on January 11 according to Indian Standard Time (IST).

At this time, the sun, the earth, and the moon align in one perfect line for almost 4 hours 5 minutes. However, NASA has given the name ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’ for this supernatural event. Also, you can witness lunar eclipse 2020 from all the major cities in the country, includes New Delhi and Kolkata.

I think we have covered all the basic information regarding 2020 Chandra Grahan here. If you need more details like precautions, Do’s and Don’ts, or How People will affect by eclipse based on their Zodiac signs, click the links given here.

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Okay, Let’s dive into the main topic i.e., 15 Tips to click perfect eclipse pictures at night with smartphone cameras.

Well, I think professional photographers are almost ready with their high-resolution camera equipment to capture this celestial event. But, most of us depend on our smartphone camera features.

See its a bit difficult & dangerous task to do but taking some precautions and hacks will make you succeed at this time. Capturing the event of Solar Eclipse 2020 is riskier than this lunar eclipse.

So, most of the photographers and people will wait for the lunar eclipse and this is the first full moon of 2020. I think everyone is excited to capture the moment with their smartphones. Okay! Don’t go anywhere because here comes 15 effective tips you must know to click a perfect Lunar Eclipse Pics from your smartphone.

Here, we are mentioning some tips that help you to shot a perfect Lunar Eclipse photos from your mobile phone. Have a look at the below 15 smartphone camera hacks for a perfect photo of lunar eclipse 2020:

  1. At first, set your smartphone on a tripod and make your phone stable.
  2. Fix any lens protector to evade causing any damage to the camera sensor.
  3. Choose a clear and high spot, the terrace is preferable to take a photo.
  4. Not to use a flash as the moon is 384,400 kilometers distance from the earth.
  5. Use HDR mode because its a secret weapon for you.
  6. To avoid any pointless shaking of the camera, use a self-timer feature or remote shutter.
  7. Using Zoom is not preferable because it will drastically reduce the picture quality.
  8. Set to the maximum resolution offered by your smartphone to Shoot the picture of Lunar Eclipse in January 2020.
  9. Tap on the moon area for capturing the photo with perfect focus.
  10. To get the most accurate shots, Use Burst mode.
  11. Make sure to use the time-lapse feature if available on your phone. It allows you to create a cinematic video of a lunar eclipse.
  12. Shoot in Manual mode or Pro mode to adjust exposure and shutter speed manually.
  13. Also, Download & Use third-party apps like Halide, Camera+, ProCam 2 and more. Some of these applications are free of cost.
  14. Do not use the Night Mode feature. This will light up the entire frame.
  15. Use editing tools of the smartphone to enhance photos further.

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