Lucknow Air Quality Index crosses 400 mark, gets ‘severe’ at most places

Air pollution is one of the biggest modern day plights. With increasing vehicular pollution, countering air pollution has become a ginormous task, especially in developing India. Recently, Delhi topped the pollution charts and became the most polluted city in the entire world, with an AQI of 497. While we have been clicking the like button on all the social media outrage Delhi’s air pollution has been receiving, the situation closer to home isn’t much different.

Lucknow has been covered in a thick blanket of smog and the evidences of toxicities are visible right in front of our eyes. City’s AQI crossed the 400 mark, Monday morning and stood at par with Delhi in the ‘severe’ category.

What’s the update?

The AQI in Lucknow crossed the 400 mark; as of Monday (November 4) morning, it was recorded at 415 while on Sunday the AQI was recorded at an average 400.

The deteriorating air quality in Lucknow is merely points away from being as bad as Delhi and at several places in the city that’s not even the case. The AQI of Gomti Nagar was recorded at 467, while it was 431 at Lalbagh and 412 at Talkatora. With the air quality so bad, it is only a matter of time that the residents start facing health issues.

What are we doing about it?

While the entire city of Delhi was seething with protests and people took to streets to show their discontentment, nothing of the sort can be seen in Lucknow.

Delhi will be following the odd-even scheme starting today and you’d be wrong to think that Lucknow is making no similar efforts to counter the pollution issue. On Monday morning several water tanks and fire-trucks were deployed on Lohia path with an instruction to shower down all the pollution off of trees.

Though minuscule, the civic authorities are still making some efforts to counter the increasing air pollution in the city.

Knock Knock

The air quality is Lucknow has gone from very bad to severe in the past few days. We would urge our readers to practice caution and protect themselves as well as their loved one from the toxic city air. Wear a good quality mask while travelling, cover your skin and consult a doctor as soon as you face issues including dryness and itchiness of eyes or throat, trouble in breathing, or skin allergies. Stay safe.

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