What’s Next New Exciting Features Coming in Instagram? | Upcoming Features of Instagram

New Exciting Features Coming in Instagram: Instagram is always busy testing new features to keep engaging the users to the app but usually, we don’t hear about them until they come to the app or Facebook unveils them to the users.

According to Jane Wong, the reverse engineer who always remains first when it comes to discovering unreleased features, the next important addition to Instagram will be public collections, flipside, & Feed Post Polls & many more.

In this article, we are going to provide you with many Instagram New Update Features. So start reading without missing it and make use of it correctly.

Have you Heard About Instagram’s Next New Features?

Till now are you up to date on Instagram and interested to know about the new features that are coming up next? Look at the below features that are under testing and going to be released in the future.

  • Public Collections
  • Flipside
  • Feed Post Polls

Public Collections

Instagram is working to launch the public collections feature, which is used to showcase your brands with a more multidimensional identity, beyond their products or services.

If this feature comes to light, it would allow users to curate and share collections of content they like, so that newcomers to Instagram can easily know their interests and personalities.

Presently there is a ‘collaborative collection feature is available on Instagram and this public ‘collection’ is an extension of it.

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Instagram started testing this ‘flipside’ feature, to provide a private side of the public users to share information only to their close friends and family.

In response to the question of whether Fliside is going to come on threads, the Instagram head replied.

Instagram Head Adam Mosseri wrote, “We’re not even sure we’ll launch it on Instagram. On one hand, it feels good to create a clear space that feels more private.

On the other, it’s yet another way to reach a smaller audience on top of secondary accounts and Close Friends. We’ll see how people respond in the test, and iterate forward.”

Flipside can also help Instagram to address the issue of Finstas. To access this flipside, users need to tap on the button or slide down, so that some space will be created to post selectively.

Feed Post Polls

Instagram who are marketing their products or services had the good news that Instagram is working on the “Feed Post Polls” feature to launch which is mainly very beneficial for you.

This feature is still in testing mode and Instagram is trying to upgrade this feature in Instagram soon.

Instagram 'Feed Post Polls' feature update

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FAQs on New Features of Instagram 2024

1. What is the new feature on Instagram?

Recently in 2024, many latest features have taken place, some of the features are notes, AI Stickers, and Photo Stickers. You can also use promo codes directly on Instagram.

Pin chats to the top of your inbox.

2. What is the new Instagram AI trend?

When you look at these new Instagram AI trends, you can transform your ordinary selfies into styled versions using the AI feature on Instagram.

And you can turn your ordinary face into digital art pieces.

3. Why are there no reels on Instagram 2024?

According to our knowledge, other than these, there are no more details available yet but at least we came to know that Instagram is actively working on the new features.

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