What’s Next New Exciting Feature Coming in Instagram?

Instagram is always busy in testing new features to keep engage the users to the app but usually, we don’t hear about them until they come to the app or Facebook unveils them to the users.

According to Jane Wong, the reverse engineer who always remains first when it comes to discovering unreleased features, that the next important addition to Instagram will be Reactions for Direct Messages.

Have you Heard About Instagram’s Next New Feature?

Well not Jane Wong is the only source of the information but Alex Voica, Facebook’s Tech Communications Manager has also confirmed that the company is testing an unreleased feature for a few days. At the moment, the only “love” reaction is visible but at the launch, there are six more that should be live.

FAQs on New Features of Instagram 2021

1. What is the new feature on Instagram?

Instagram has commenced testing a novel feature named ‘Collab’ in India and the United Kingdom that allows Instagram account users invite another account as a collaborator on a post or a Reel. If they accept, both accounts will appear in the header of the post or the Reel, and it will be shared to the followers of both accounts.

2. What is the new Instagram Update 2021?

The launch of new tab known as Professional Dashboard had done by the Instagram at the beginning of 2021. Think of it as your main dashboard within the app. Inside this latest Instagram update feature, you’ll obtain all of the main tools and resources: Overall account performance.

3. Why are there no reels on Instagram 2021?

There are no more details available yet but at least we came to know that Instagram is actively working on the new feature.

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