100+ Best Funny Swag Captions for Instagram 2021-22 | Cool IG Savage Quotes in Hindi & English

Want to post being swag attitude photos with some cool savage captions on Instagram? Then, you’ve addressed the perfect page. Here are the best Swag Captions for Instagram that are apt for all girl’s & boys’ photos.

Youngsters or teenagers always click swag-type pictures to impress opposite genders and get more engagement in their posts and stories. Adding our massive collection of Savage Quotes under your photo on Instagram shows your savage side to your followers and they will attract more to your cool and stylish pics.

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Let’s get into this article and use the huge collection of Swag Quotes for Instagram to increase your story views and likes.

Top 50+ Popular Swap Captions for Instagram That You Must Try

Swag is not just to have a stylish-hair, clothes, accessories, it’s all about the personality that how much you look confident, attitude over life. You can share your stylish look & savage images on Instagram and other social media apps to get the advantage of more likes and followers. If you add some lit/savage/swag captions or quotes to your pics then that would be the best addon.

Savage Captions for Instagram

In this section, you will find the most popular and trending collection of Swag Instagram Captions that you should try while posting any savage & stylish pics on Instagram. Here you can easily get to copy & paste the swag quotes on attitude,  savage quotes for girls, boys, and the best cool swag captions. Take a look at the list of swag quotes/captions from below:

Instagram Captions About Your Swag {Updated 2021}

  1. Aspire to inspire before we expire.
  2. Be yourself, who else is better qualified?
  3. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, bitch
  4. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
  5. I am Fiji water. You are toilet water
  6. I don’t lose. Either I win or I learn.
  7. I feel so miserable without you, it’s almost like having you here.
  8. I have a natural swagger.
  9. If had a dollar for every smart thing you say. I’ll be poor.
  10. It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.
  11. Seek respect, not attention, it’s last forever.
  12. Swag is not a behavior, it’s an attitude!
  13. You need to be ‘odd’ to become number ‘one’.
  14. Your mindset determines your future state.

Savage Instagram Captions for All Time

  1. Be kind to unkind people; they need it the most!
  2. Boys had something else, a sort of swagger about them.
  3. Conflict cannot survive without your participation.
  4. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, b*tch.
  5. Don’t need no battery cause I’m in charge.
  6. Gift ain’t what you take by effort, as swag ain’t what you worthy have.
  7. Hello, I found your nose..It was in my business once again!
  8. I am smart and I am strong and I can do anything.
  9. I don’t need to explain myself because I know I’m right.
  10. I’m a smart person, I just do stupid things.
  11. If my swag was a movie it would be sold out every day.
  12. In a room full of art but you would still stare at me.
  13. It’s cool being me!
  14. Make them stop and gaze.
  15. Revenge is not my plan, you f*ck yourself on your own.

Instagram quotes for boys swag looks

Swag Status For Instagram Bio

  1. Date a guy with a planned future. And not a guy with an Instagram swag.
  2. Don’t need no battery cause I’m in charge.
  3. Gift ain’t what you take by effort, as swag ain’t what you worthy have.
  4. If my swag was a movie it would be sold out every day.
  5. It’s not me trying to act or pose in a certain way. It’s a lifestyle – like a suaveness or a swag, per se.
  6. Just because you say Swag in every other sentence doesn’t mean you have it.
  7. Just because you say Swag in every other sentence doesn’t mean you have it.
  8. My motivation is what sets me apart; that’s what makes my swag original.
  9. Oh, you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.
  10. Rather have class than swag; rather be a gentleman, not a player.
  11. S.W.A.G.= She Wants A Gentleman
  12. Swag is not something you wear, it is something you are born with.
  13. Swagga so bright I don’t even need light.
  14. Why is having swag better than having a set of skills nowadays?

Sarcastic Swag Captions for IG

  1. Be kind to unkind people; they need it the most!
  2. Conflict cannot survive without your participation.
  3. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, b*tch.
  4. Friends can come and go, but banners hang forever.
  5. I am Fiji water, you are toilet water.
  6. I hate it when I forget to turn my swag off at night and I wake up covered in b*tches.
  7. I’m just gonna do my own kinda swag of kinda dumbing something down and speaking some knowledge.
  8. I’m just saying you could do better.
  9. If you are my rival, then that means you’re suicidal.
  10. Isn’t there a bullet you could be jumping in front of?
  11. Just because you say Swag in every other sentence doesn’t mean you have it.
  12. My name ain’t dick so keep it out your mouth.
  13. Oh you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.
  14. Rather have class than swag; rather be a gentleman, not a player.
  15. Rose are red, violets are blue, I’ve got five fingers and the middle ones for you.
  16. There’s a hole in my heart where you use to be.
  17. Trash talk to ’em then I put ’em in a Hefty.
  18. You have your whole life to be a jerk. Why not take today off?

Best Savage Instagram Captions for All Time

  1. And I’ll pick up these broken pieces till I am bleeding
  2. Bitch I want to slap you, but in which face I don’t know.
  3. Braless is flawless.
  4. Doing the most, saying the least
  5. Don’t try to follow me. I am already lost
  6. Forever is composed of nows
  7. Get you a Me, I am LIT.
  8. I accept my time, back in cash.
  9. I am fucking gold, you can prefer Silver and it’s okay.
  10. I am not picky, I just know what I want.
  11. I come with a side of trouble, but I know that’s why you are staying
  12. I do a thing called “What I want”
  13. I only ever wrote letters to the ocean, the stars, and you
  14. I walked in dripping sauce
  15. If you ran like your mouth, you would be in good shape.
  16. In a room of arts, I would still stare at you.
  17. Keep looking, I’m doing good
  18. Let the good times roll!
  19. No guts, no Glory
  20. off guard, but on point!
  21. silent but deadly
  22. Skinny waist, pretty face
  23. Soul over ego
  24. Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.
  25. Too savage to quit
  26. Turn ya savage up and lose ya feelings
  27. We got that love, the crazy kind
  28. We serve drinks cheaper and colder than your EX.
  29. You are a tornado with pretty eyes and a heartbeat.
  30. You can ask Tommy, Hilfiger it out!

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Cool Swag Captions for Instagram Posts & Stories

Swag captions for girls

  1. Be careful what you tolerate, you teaching people how to treat.
  2. Don’t come around when I started to forget you.
  3. I am not sexy, I have full of fashionable clothes in my life.
  4. I don’t like people who do a thing for attention
  5. I wish I could turn some people stranger again.
  6. If you live for other people’s acceptance, You will die from their rejection.
  7. Keep doing something to achieve something.
  8. Life is a coloring book. It’s up to you to decide what color of pencil you choose.
  9. Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth.
  10. Life is short so spend time with those people who worth it.
  11. Set your course by the star, not by the light of every passing ship.
  12. Some people are so poor, only they have is money.
  13. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.
  14. When you are a pure soul, You don’t lose people, people lose you.

Swag Quotes In Hindi for Instagram

  1. ना Block किया था और ना Block करेंगे , तुझे तो अपना Status और DP दिखा दिखा कर जलाएंगे…..
  2. जो कहते थे रंगों से डर लगता है मुझे , मैंने उन्हें पल पल रंग बदलते देखा है…..
  3. पहले हम भी अच्छे थे, जब हम बच्चे थे…..
  4. औकात की बात मत कर ‎ऐ दोस्त‬ लोग तेरी ‪ ‎बंदूक‬ से ज्यादा मेरी मूँछ से डरते है…..
  5. आँखे न फाड़ पगली दिल को आराम दे, मुझे क्या देखती हे अपने वाले पे ध्यान दे…..
  6. मान लिया की तू शेर है पर ज्यादा उछल मत.. हम शिकारी है ठोक देंगे…..
  7. हम बहत ही संस्कारी हैं, पहले हाथ जोड़ते हैं, और न समझे तो मुँह तोड़ते हैं…..
  8. सुन ‪‎पगली इज्जत से कह रहा हूँ ‪‎Block करदे मुझे. कहीं मेरे ‪Photo देख-देख कर ‪Heart Attack ना आ जाए तुझे…..
  9. इन्हें भी पढ़े … फनी स्टेटस शायरी
  10. Accha nehi Ajib hu mai,baccha nehi battamiz hi mai.
  11. Apni ap ko sabit badi shidat se karunga tum bas dekti rehna..
  12. Apni chalti hai toh duniya jalti hai.
  13. Ganta parak nehi parda.
  14. Isne kaha jari hu chor ke,mene kaha jana he toh ja.Sitaron ke tutne se asman ko kohi farak nehi padta.
  15. Jamko jante ho yah ham de itroduction.
  16. Koi mera bura kare vo uska karm,main kisika bura nehi karu yeh hai mera dharam.
  17. Mai wo hin jo tum kabhi nehi ban sakte.
  18. Sunta toh main apni baap ke bhi nehi.
  19. Tera vai jesa koi hardich nehi hai.
  20. Teri aukat se jada, meri naam ke charche he. Teri makeup se jada, meri cigarette ke kharche he.

Boys Savage IG Captions for Hot Pics | Swag Captions For Boys

  1. Don’t stand too close to the heater babe. Plastic melts.
  2. I know looks aren’t everything, but I have them just in case.
  3. Kids call it Swag, men call it Class.
  4. Rather have class than swag; rather be a gentleman, not a player.
  5. Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me.
  6. Sweety if you have two faces, at least make one of them pretty.
  7. Throw me to the wolves and I will return as the leader of the pack.
  8. You look like something I drew with my left hand.
  9. You were my cup of tea but I drink champagne now.
  10. I’m just a vibe you can find nowhere else.Boys attitude swag quotes for instagram
  11. Just like the alphabet, Bitch. I come before U.
  12. Kids fall for beauty, Mens fall for love, Legend never falls.
  13. Me every day: Slay, Me in December: Sleigh.
  14. My life, My choice, My mistakes, My lessons, None of your business.
  15. My only regret is that I didn’t tell enough people to fuck off.
  16. Rule number one- Fuck what they think.
  17. Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue the count.
  18. They told me I couldn’t that why I did.

Swag Quotes For Girls | Girl Savage Captions for Instagram

  1. An amazing thing happens when you distance yourself from negativity.
  2. The best thing I did was Belief in myself.
  3. Enjoy life because no one gets out alive anyway.
  4. Everything you go through grows you.
  5. If plan A didn’t work, Then there have 25 latter more. Stay Cool.
  6. If your story doesn’t inspire you then its time to change your story.
  7. Some people dream of success, Some people stay awake to achieve it.
  8. Stay close to what makes you happy.
  9. Stay strong and make them wonder how you still smile.
  10. Tough times never last but tough people do.
  11. 5’2 my height but my attitude 6’1
  12. All men are the same so just pick the richest one.
  13. Her attitude is savage, but her heart is gold.
  14. I am 99% angel, but oh, that 1%…!!
  15. Life isn’t perfect, but your lipstick can be.
  16. S.W.A.G.= She Wants A Gentleman.
  17. She does what she wants, she breaking the rules.
  18. She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.
  19. She is the type of flower that can grow after a forest fire
  20. Your the type of boy id make a sandwich for.

Attitude Savage Quotes for Instagram

  1. Hello, I found your nose. It was in my business once again!
  2. I don’t have an Attitude, I have a Personality you can’t deal with.
  3. I don’t have to deal with your attitude. I have my own.
  4. Lips popping, skin glowing, ass fat, grades good, and a bad attitude.
  5. My attitude is high then your height.
  6. My attitude is kinda savage.
  7. My attitude: I don’t like to make the right decision… I take decisions and make them right.
  8. Positive or negative, attitude is an attitude.
  9. Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life.
  10. Your cheapness will fade but my looks & attitude wouldn’t.

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Short Swag Captions for Instagram

  1. Born to express not to impress.
  2. Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?
  3. Find me where the wild things are.
  4. Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice.
  5. I love the sound you make when you shut up.
  6. I’m a warrior, not a worrier.
  7. I’m just a vibe you can find nowhere else.
  8. The less you give a damn, the happier you will be.
  9. The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be Ready.
  10. Too glam to give a damn.

Instagram Savage Captions for Haters

  1. You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.
  2. Nations have come under the control of haters and fools.
  3. Love your haters – they’re your biggest fans.
  4. My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya.
  5. The only way to succeed is to make people hate you. That way, they remember you.
  6. If a negative viewer looks at you with an ugly fiendish eye, find a way and pluck off his eyes, or better still, protect your good image.
  7. Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
  8. Bitch you’re so fake you make Barbie look real.
  9. Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies.
  10. To anyone that ever told you you’re no good… They’re no better.
  11. Give the haters another reason to hate!!”

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