How To Think Outside The Box

How To Think Outside The Box

The phrase ‘think out of the box’ is probably one of the most popular phrases used in the professional world. It defines thinking creatively, freely and coming up with solutions that are supposed to often slightly deviate from the usual. Thinking outside the box is about omitting limitations and that is exactly what some effective and innovative kind of thinking does. So here are five strategies to help you think out of the box.

Eliminate The Goal

If your target is same like everyone else, you will end up with the same result. The minute a goal comes within the periphery of your thinking, you are welcoming a constraint. By doing so, you are setting a direction for your mind and it tends to move in that particular direction. New ideas will never breed in your mind if it works under the constraint of a goal.

Take A Break Often

If you really want to foster creativity, try getting away from all your routine. This works wonderfully in fostering creativity. Take a shower, go for walk or do something you like. These activities will help get those creative juices flowing.


Brainstorming is a widely acclaimed method to generate new ideas. Brainstorming will widen your thinking and you will soon go beyond old thought patterns.

Look At Problems Differently

Creative solution stems from looking at problems in a new way, by doing this, new possible solutions which you might have not considered earlier, will come to you.

What To Remember While Brainstorming

  • The brainstorm process really helps in throwing out tons of different ideas and you can choose to pick up the best one that is slightly unusual
  • Brainstorming sessions are not about the feasibility. So don’t limit your thoughts while you are brainstorming. Irrespective of how silly they sound, all your ideas should be taken into consideration during the brainstorming process
  • While you are in the brainstorming phase, don’t allow negative thoughts to retard your progress. ‘This doesn’t work, ‘ ‘we don’t have enough time,’ this kind of negativity deters your creativity, instead of encouraging it

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