How to Overcome FOMO? What Is It & Best Practices for Students To Avoid Fear of Mission Out

Feeling Anxiety, Depressed for no reason, comparing with others leads to the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) issue. Kids, Teenagers, Younger, & Older people face this FOMO at some point & they won’t recognize the issue because having any idea about FOMO. To help you all today we have come with an interesting & helpful topic “How to Overcome FOMO?”

Let’s get into this topic, Now!

Having basic knowledge about What is FOMO, why it comes, and How to Overcome it? is very necessary for people during this generation. As this word, FOMO is really trending & Used one on social media platforms.

Fear of Missing Out is the full form of FOMO. For more information on How to overcome FOMO and what are the best ways to avoid students’ Fear of Missing Out at the time of exams & career decisions, just go ahead & dive into further sections.

What is FOMO?

The real definition of FOMO is “Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often inspired by posts seen on social media.”

When students are facing exams and teenagers are facing life-altering decisions, FOMO can be a serious issue. If you hit the FOMO issues then no one stops you from enjoying real happiness.

FOMO Issues

How to Overcome FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

Fear of Missing Out hits your Happiness, Genuity. FOMO comes from anxiety, comparison, spending time on social media, etc. Well, Comparison is the thief of joy but we always compare ourselves with the people on social media. The fact is that everyone beautifully different and best in their own lives so don’t force or compare your life with them. If you have the talent in you then brush up the skills and get experienced in that field.

So, to overcome all this FOMO related stuff, just perform the best practices which are listed out on this page. By these few practices, you can face your Fear of missing out issues and ultimately beat it.

Moreover, there is a scientific 3-step solution to overcome the Fear of Missing Out. The steps are such as,

Step 1: Getting the goal right,
Step 2: Getting the evaluation of your current situation right, and
Step 3: Getting the behavior right.

Process behind the Fear of Mission Out (FOMO)

Well, by following these three steps perfectly can make students win in overcoming their FOMO Issues and live their education life without stress & comparison with others. Below is the section that you’re waiting for! ie., Best Practices for Students to Overcome or Win Their FOMO Issues. 

3 Best Ways For Students To Avoid FOMO

Here are the three top ways for students to overcome the FOMO and enhance their knowledge as well as overall well-being.

1. Accept the fact that you can’t do it all:

Everyone chooses the way that they can do it properly. And they have to remember that thing that they can’t be in two places at once. So, accepting the fact you can’t do it all can make you be strong and move in the right way. To help students and teenagers overcome their FOMO, the best way is to ask WIN questions (What’s Important Now)? If you are not able to do everything at once then the good path is to begin the things which are most crucial in your preception.

2. ​Cut down your social media timing:

We all know how social media is showing an impact on our lives. Students & teenagers are connecting with social media all the time to know the things happening around them and in the world. That’s a good thing to have some knowledge about the news & creative things but instead of that students are engaging with an unrealistic world and comparing their life with it. It’s a bad thing to do and it is one of the FOMO related issues. To get rid of this FOMO feeling, simply apply this best practice in your life ie. cut down your social media timing and spend time on other physical activities to overcome stress & mental health issues.

3. Practice Mindfulness:

First of all, get an idea about Mindfulness from here and then go for this best way to avoid your FOMO. Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that concerns a nonjudgmental observation or awareness that is focused on the present experience. By trying this practice mindfulness exercise you can definitely feel relax and overcome your stress, anxiety, etc.

Just keep your mind in other physical activities like cleaning dishes, helping parents in the kitchen, smiling the pleasant scent, and many others. Instead of hurrying to do multitasks keep your mind on one task and do it properly. Mindfulness can benefit those students with major FOMO & make them enjoy what they are doing in the here and now, rather than a desire for what else could be.

Tips to get rid from FOMO

Final Thoughts

FOMO is psychology where it makes people especially students and teenagers feel anxious, depressed, and most commonly, boring, and tedious. At that time they couldn’t avoid the truth & get rid of the issues. But by practicing the above presented best techniques to overcome FOMO(Fear of Missing Out), you can beat the FOMO easily. Need to know more about this then stay connected with our site and get updated practices to overcome FOMO.

Also, Go with this super amazing video on How to Overcome Fear of Mission Out? & completely beat all your FOMO issues.

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