Tips For Social Care Job Hunting

Tips For Social Care Job Hunting

If you are a social worker and would like tips on how to succeed in your job application, then this article will be of benefit to you. This is because of the fact that this article talks about the elements that you should consider when applying for a social care job. So, without further ado, here are some of the most important tips that will increase your chances of succeeding in your application

Ensure that you properly arrange your current and previous jobs on your CV

Your potential recruiter wants to know whether or not you are qualified for the job before making his or her decision. Therefore, it is good to put your most recent job first in your CV to help the recruiter know where to place you in case you are hired. Avoid starting with your education and first job at the top of your CV.

This is something that we have had to deal with several times as we have had to change CVs when it comes to arranging the jobs and qualifications of applicants. Remember that your recruiter is very much interested in your current role.

Avoid sending your CV to each and every Agency/Job board you have heard of

This is due to the fact that some of the recruiters out there often send CVs to their clients before speaking to their candidates. Some clients have told me that they at times receive the same CV 5 times. This makes the recruiter seem unprofessional and makes the job hunter seem desperate even when this is not the case.

Write a good CV

Ensure that you proofread your CV and check for any spelling or grammatical errors to increase your chances of success. Also, remember to be specific in your search. Remember that a CV offers a great opportunity to make a good impression on a potential employer and it is good that you write your CV in the best way possible.

Stand out at your first interview

During your first interview, make yourself stand out by focusing on the unique skills you have. Find out what the recruiter is looking for and the skills that can perfectly fit that role. For instance, if the recruiter is looking for a manager, find out whether they need a person with an RMA or NVQ 4.

Most of my clients often believe that a manager needs to have a Management qualification. In respect of skills, a load of experience is very important. In addition, business acumen and exceptional leadership are very important skills. There are plenty of opportunities in the area according to this post from Charles Hunter Associates.

Nursing Home management roles are often hard to fill regardless of the location or skills.

Many employees prefer to stay in their current roles at this present time. Why? Because they are waiting to see what is happening and will happen in the health and social care sector. This has led to less turnover translating to few job vacancies. However, we are getting many new services that are opening up requiring complete staffing of the home and I guess that I am slightly contradicting myself.


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