Stress can make you Physically & Mentally Sick Know how and Measures to Control

Today’s scenario is such that most of the health-related issues are connected to STRESS.

Every doctor gives a suggestion to reduce or avoid stress to get well soon for any type of ill health conditions.

Any bad news or negative news impacts us mentally putting our physical as well as mental health into stake.

We humans have constantly since decades neglected our mental health which is a main cause for most of the physical health problems.

Access to technology has increase the modes of stress.

According to a survey conducted by Pew, “65% of the adults are on social networking websites.”

Most of the news is accessed by people over the internet increasing the stress levels hearing to any negative crisis all around the world.

According to the United Nations, the number of disasters worldwide since 1970 has raised up to more than 400 per year.

We must understand that the world has always been a stressful place to live in. It is all about how we tend to control and manage it.

When we hear some bad news about our family or friends, it seems like our world is crashing down too.

But no one realises that our brain also is deeply impacted resulting into depression, mental trauma or worse cases developing brain stroke and going into coma.

Sussanne Babbel, a psychotherapist specialising in trauma recovery mentions that “Our brains are hardwired to process stress relating to trauma by entering what is known as “fight, flight, freeze” mode before returning to a restful state.

It takes time for the brain to process and accept any sort of bad news or traumatic situations which people is why tending to go in shock or coma if their mental strength is too weak.

Every time we humans learn about some difficult situations to accept in terms of normalcy, we tend to go into the stress mode resulting in anxiety.

It is thus, important to control our body and mind during tough times and must try to get back to normalcy after the problem is resolved.

Lack of sleep or sound sleep or tired sleep can also result in adrenal fatigue.

The temporary stress taking individuals can have the risk of long term stress related mental disorders.

It is important to understand and realise the importance of maintaining the mental health.

When one is unable to take any more stress, it needs to be stopped for any serious consequences.

The nervous system should be soothed depending on your interests and ways to:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Personal hobbies which can keep you away from the world
  • Swimming or any favourite sports of your choice

It is not possible to push the stress away to the extent of 100 % because its an unavoidable and unstoppable human tendency.

But it is important that we learn to manage stress by adopting strategies to do so.

As it is told Prevention is always better than cure.


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