New update in blood test helpful to detect Alzheimer's accurately

Most recently the scientists give way to a blood test which can detect Alzheimer’s in a person’s body 90 percent accuracy. This blood test is helpful to find the Alzheimer’s in early stages so that the patients can get the treatment before the conditions turn risky for their life. This test gets approval from the scientists of Australia and Japan which boosts the pace of Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Colin Masters from the University of Melbourne says,”This new test has the potential to eventually disrupt the expensive and invasive scanning and spinal fluid technologies.” He also says that it is an invaluable tool which increased the speed the detection of diagnosed patients which is helpful to found the effectiveness of drugs in drug trials. Other researchers say that these kind of progress in new therapeutic strategies are disappointingly slow. It is also updated the three drugs which are available in the market found untreatable.

At this, the researchers add that there is a need to get some new drugs in the market by which the treatment of this Alzheimer’s disease gets boosted. Master’s also tells,”That requires trials with rigorous and economical patient selection, to avoid recruiting patients who may not even have Alzheimer’s disease. Due to the long time-spans involved, pharmaceutical companies require accurate predictions of who is most at risk.”

The main effect of Alzheimer’s disease is that it gives way to the abnormal peptide in the brain which known as beta-amyloid. This situation can build up in the mind at the age of 30 years even before any symptoms related to dementia. The current process to detect Alzheimer’s disease is invasive and expensive. It also includes the brain scans with radioactive tracers with the help of a lumbar puncture. This new blood test gets a way from a national collaboration. Stay tuned to us for more updates and feeds like this.


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