Coffee can be a reason of cancer as it contains carcinogen

A recent study gives way to a number of updates about coffee which are based on its negative effects. Besides having many benefits the coffee now calling to be risky for us. The thing now gets boosted when the lawsuit asks coffee shops to warn their customers about the same. The update is that coffee can give way to cancer as it contains a chemical compound acrylamide and carcinogen.

This chemical builds up in coffee when it gets roasted on a very high temperature. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics which is a non-profit organization is becoming a part of these kinds of updates since 2010. The organization is now asking the makers including Starbucks to warn their customer about the same. Well, this is something which can affect the business of coffee makers to a major extent.

Besides coffee, Acrylamide is also found in some food products such as toasts and french fries. This chemical compound is also found in tobacco-based products such as cigarettes. The National Cancer Institute tells that those who smoke have five-time acrylamide exposure in their blood. The level of Acrylamide doesn’t get measured in food items but in water and something which gets included in food making. The NCI tells,”no consistent evidence that dietary acrylamide exposure is associated with the risk of any type of cancer.”

This now called as a serious chemical which can be a reason for your death as well. Now the questions which get stuck in everyone’s mind is that if they can drink the coffee or not. Well, coffee consumption found good for those who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is also updated by the researchers that there is a need to focus on the health benefits just because of which we are consuming coffee on a daily basis.


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