Cancer 'vaccine' found effective to eliminate tumors in mice

The researchers now found that by injecting a small amount of stimulating agents in the tumours takes place in the body of mice can eliminate the points denoted as cancer in animals. The researchers from the Standford University School of Medicine also tells that it can also eliminate distant, untreated metastases. The study also founds that by this approach a number of cancers can be cured even those who arise spontaneously.

During the research, scientists find that a very little amount of these agents can work as a relatively cheap cancer therapy which unlikely gives way to some adverse side effects that get visible with bodywide immune stimulation. At this the MD and professor of oncology, Ronald Levy says,”When we use these two agents together, we see the elimination of tumours all over the body.” He says that this is something which approaches bypasses the necessity of immune system or patient’s immune cells.”

From these, one agent gets the approval to get used to the humans and gets tested in a number of clinical trials. A similar clinical trial takes place in January in which the effect or treatment gets monitored in the patients who were diagnosed with lymphoma. Our immune system has the capabilities to vanish out a tumour from our body, but sometimes it needs to get boosted by some agents. To do the same researchers now tried to shoot them up with some variety of molecules and viruses.

To add more in the research, medical oncologist Ron Levy of Standford University in Palo Alto, from California says,”We think that this particular combination will be very effective in patients.” He says that they had found it work against a number of cancer types as it had destroyed the tumours of another type besides the injection one. Stay tuned to us for more updates and feeds like this.


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