Alcohol consumption turns adolescents to insomniacs

Excessive intake of alcohol leads to insomnia and may also lead to brain disorders, says a study.

A team of American experts stated that alcohol consumption in teenage is very dangerous and may lead to insomnia. This might have a very great effect on their future and the country’s as well. “Findings indicate that insomnia may be a unique risk marker for alcohol use among young adolescents,” said Naomi Marmorstein, a professor at Rutgers University-Camden, US. The study that was published in the journal Addictive Behaviours talks about the link between alcohol consumption and insomnia. They say the rate alcohol consumption is directly proportional to chances for insomnia in adolescents.

As a part of the study, the participants were asked about their sleeping habits, quality of sleep, duration of sleep so as to get an estimation. They inturn plotted between the sleeplessness and alcohol consumption. The participants who are boozers are thereby suggested to limit the alcohol consumption.

Another study that was previously conducted says that alcohol consumption may also leads to damages in brain. They say that the consumption of alcohol has an effect on greymatter in brain.

“We looked at six areas to determine the deleterious impact of heavy drinking on brain response, namely – response inhibition, working memory, verbal learning and memory, decision making and reward processing, alcohol cue reactivity, and socio-cognitive/socio-emotional processing,” Anita Cservenka, assistant professor at Oregon State University in the US quoted.

A ten year old research comes up saying the intensity of effects in adolescents is apathetic when compared to that in adults. In teenagers all the body parts function actively including brain. So, their bodies are more responsive to alcohol than that of adults’ leading to insomnia and other deadly brain disorders.


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