A child from Lucas County dies of flu related illness, recent report

A second case comes from Ohio where a Lucas County child dies of flu-related infection. The number of such cases is getting increased day by day and people are living in a threat now. The news about the death of the 18-month-old boy comes in front on Monday. His family tells that Nathaniel Lee Downey died after get become suddenly ill on Friday.

Another loved one Paul Manning tells that he gets fine after some time but they all get shocked to know that he starts coughing really bad. It was also reported that his mother Sheila Amerson of Toledo starts driving him to the Mercy Hospital St. Charles Hospital, but all of a sudden, he stops coughing and starts turning blue then. After that, the child gets to the hospital in an ambulance after which the child transported to St. Vincent’s.

His cousin Manning says,”He never came back.” At this, a spokesman from Health Department Shannon Lands says that the child was found diagnosed with influenza A. At this two older brother also gets testing, from which one was found to get diagnosed with the same. In this session of flu, the number of death is getting increased day by day. There was another case of such death happens in Montgomery County where a 4-year-old boy gets died by this flu.

Mr. Zgodzinski says,” “It just goes back to the point of making sure our kids are vaccinated … we’re vaccinated, making sure we understand when somebody is sick we need to contact a doctor.” He also tells that it is important to make the child secure by vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked that everyone age of 6 months and other should get a flu shot. It is important to be safe much before it will get too late for you.


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