Fitness Trends Over The Years

Fitness Trends Over The Years

Keeping Fit Back Then

The concept of fitness took the world by storm in the sixties, though it dates back to centuries ago, minus the now popular state-of-the-art gyms and equipment. For survival, physical activity was a natural phenomenon in the Stone Age or the Palaeolithic Age.

They had no structured or scheduled programmes but were solely dependent on necessity and instinct. Then the advent of locomotion, industrial and manufacturing revolution, transformed human activities to agriculture and manufacture which also marked a diminishing trend in their physical activities to machine based activities and from the nineteenth century onwards, being war-fit became a norm. Over the years, many new trends have emerged and enormous amounts of studies and researches have been conducted to analyse the effects of exercises on the human mind and body.

“By the 20th century, the popularity of competitive sports, new exercise trends and general health awareness grew by leaps and bounds pushing the fitness industry to a new level and since then, there was no looking back for this industry”

Latest Exercise Trends
The new trends that have evolved are a far cry from the original concepts especially seen in the cases of aerobics and other group sessions. Some of the popular new trends include aerial yoga, aqua yoga/aerobics, piloxing, tabata, TRX, Zumba, kickboxing, martial arts, high intensity circuit training and the new trendy workout called Yo Workouts. All these different forms of exercises now incorporate all aspects of total body workouts and physical culturing that include stamina, strength, flexibility, agility and mind focus.

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The Quest For Result Based Benefits
Fitness trends keep changing and most of these exercises are aimed at result based benefits like prevention and treatment of obesity, core conditioning and wellness coaching. These trends are unpredictable and get replaced regularly. The principles of exercises remain unchanged and one must understand that exercises must be not just for enjoyment but more for the consciousness of our being and not just for our body.

Most people, sports personalities, children, teens, corporate and companies are now opting for freehand workouts or equipment-free exercises to stay motivated as a departure from monotonous routines and are looking towards exercises for recreation and fun.

Exercises need not be agony or boredom, it one can experiment with variety to make ¡t sustainable. This helps to stay motivated as it offers more variety and creativity and can be a departure from the monotonous routines that people follow.

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Back To The Basics
Whether it is fashion, food or fitness, the fundamentals or basics are always revisited. Nothing in exercise is different, or even if there is something different, inherently one is back to the basics! It is very unpredictable to say how many newer versions of exercises and equipment will be introduced.
However, the bottom line or the principles do not change and it should be remembered that exercise is more for the consciousness of our being and not just for our body.

The principles of yoga are seen or felt in all exercises, most commonly when it comes to breathing. Breathing (breath in and breath out) is a fundamental exercise. This improves metabolism. cellular function, oxygenation of blood and is the tonic for you to be alive.

Exercise is the orderly application of energy for productive physical activity to remove all energy blocks d to keep you well circulated. This transformation into wholeness can only be achieved when you address your whole body in totality.

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Conditioning The Body And Mind

  • Workouts need to done on a regular basis and no matter what type of exercise one opts for, the basics of warm-ups, stretching, slow conscious breathing and shavasan must be followed.
  • Forty to forty-five minutes of exercising daily with proper warm ups that consists of jogging, jumping jacks, tadasan, toe touching, twists, neck, shoulder and arm rotations with suryanamaskar for flexibility and boosted metabolism are recommended.
  • Strength exercises like squats, lunges. push ups and ab crunches, plank pose and yogasanas like bhujangasan, naukasan, sethubandhasan etc. increase core muscle strength (abdominal muscles and the back) and balances the entire body.
  • These routines are an efficient form of conditioning for the body and mind wellness and for shaping up. Once it is complete, lie down and relax your mind and body in shavasan to help you relax and de-stress and do a few minutes of conscious breathing exercises.
  • When done with discipline and regularity these exercises which have evolved from ancient yoga and other disciplines, impacts the mind, body and spirit.

Tone Your Thighs

The thighs can either be too bulky, thin or weak and toning the thigh muscles is often considered a priority for those who want to look their best. So, if you want super-toned, strong outer thighs or inner thighs, there are several muscle strengthening and cardio exercises that can be done to tone the major muscles of your thighs like the quadriceps. hamstrings and the adductors. Just follow these five exercise tips to make your thighs look firm and toned!

You can start by walking or jogging uphill to warm your muscles before starting any strengthening exercise. You can also do thirty minutes of uphill-downhill cardio exercise to work the thigh muscles.

Deadlifts For Hamstrings
Stand straight and hold a barbell, Keep your arm straight while holding it. Lower the barbell by bending from your hips and waist. Keep your arms and back straight during the movement. Continue lowering until the barbell reaches beyond your knees, Return back to your starting position and repeat.

Outward Squats
Use two lightweight dumbbells to perform outward squats. Lift the dumbbells above your shoulder. Extend the legs and point your toes outwards. Make sure your knees are aligned with your legs. Squat down, putting most of the pressure on your heels and making sure your knees do not go past your toes. Then come back to starting position and repeat the process. Aim for three sets with fifteen to twenty repetitions. This exercise is beneficial for quadriceps and hamstrings.

Lunges are good exercises to strengthen your thigh muscles. Use your left leg and extend it forward. Lower the body by flexing left knee and lowering your right knee towards the floor. Make your left knee form a ninety degree angle above the toes. Push your thigh up and move back to standing position. Repeat this process for ten to twenty times and by using both your legs. You should aim to perform a minimum of three sets.

Inner Thigh Lift
be down on the floor or mat on your left side by keeping the left leg straight. Keep your head resting on your left arm that should be placed against the side of your head. Bend your right knee and slowly bring the right leg over your left leg that makes your foot rest on the floor in front of the left knee. Keep your left leg straight and slowly raise it up to six inches. Inhale and lower the left leg. Repeat for eight to ten times and then change over to your right leg.

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