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Global Day of Parents – 1st June has been proclaimed as Global day of Parents by the United States, to celebrate parents all across the world

It is a day to appreciate the selfless and endless effort of parents behind their children.

It is a day to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices they put to shape our lives, the sufferings they courageously face to protect us from the harshness of the reality of the world.

As young, naive children, we are mostly oblivious to the difficulties our parents take up every day to make our childhood as happy as it is possible by them and their struggle to shield us and protect our innocence for as long as they can.

As we grow up and soar into the adult world, coping up with our careers, social and personal lives, amidst the chaos and the rush of everyday life, we often overlook our parents getting through their own days, dealing with the loneliness, the sudden absence of us around them.

This celebration is to take out a day to reflect on the parent’s eternal commitment towards the children, to stand by them through thick and thin, and to nurture the precious and unconditional bond of parents and children.


The Global Day of Parents is celebrated on The 1st of June, every year. However, according to sources, the Global Day of Parents is to be celebrated on the 26th of July this year in our country India.

Global Day of Parents aims at popularising appreciating the commitment of parents towards children and nurturing one’s bond with their parents.

The theme last year, i.e., in 2019 for Global Day of Parents was “Honor Your Parents!” , as a resolution to honor parents all across the world and to promote the stability of family life internationally. To honor the role they play in building us into the humans that we turn out to be in our life.

This year, in 2020, the theme and event category on this day is ‘Family Awareness’, awareness internationally. Family Awareness can be crucial to be aware of one’s own and one’s family’s mental and physical well-being. For to be able to track and discuss mental and physical health with one’s family members, being there for one another and helping each other through difficult phase is extremely important for humans in every part of the world.

Hence the well thought the theme of 2020 Global Day of Parents aims towards achieving betterment of family’s mental as well as physical health.

Global Day of Parents Quotes

In My Mind, I Thank You Both for Giving Me Such a Wonderful Life but on Parent’s Day, I Want to Thank You in Real for Blessing Me With the Best of Everything. Happy Parents’ Day!

Love and Support of Parents Can Get a Child Anywhere and Everywhere in Life. Thank You, Mom and Dad, for Always Supporting Me. Happy Parents’ Day!

Mom and Dad, Thank You for the Greatest Gift of All, the Gift of Unconditional Love. Happy Parents’ Day!

All That I Really Do Need, It’s Right Here With You. The Most Important Part of My Life, Mom and Dad, It’s You. Happy Parents Day!

Dear Mom and Dad, to Me You Have Been Both a Parent and a Friend, Your Love and Strength Have Given Me the Wings Fly. Happy Parents’ Day!

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Ten Lines on the Parent’s Day

  • The 1st of June is proclaimed as ‘Global Day of Parents’ all across the world to celebrate the parents.
  • Throughout life, we must remember family is not only our first and primary support system but mostly the only unconditional supporter of us.
  • Parents’ Day is not merely restricted to celebrate parenthood but is beyond that. The society has to acknowledge the extremely tough, critically important, and challenging task that every parent does each day, i.e., to raise the next generation of citizens.
  • Parents’ Day is one of those rarest days when children get the opportunity to showcase their love, care, and affection to their parents.
  • Though parent’s day is celebrated differently on different dates all over the world, it’s purpose is the same: to give love appreciation, care, and respect to the parents.
  • This is a momentous day to recognize the endless efforts of Parents and their sacrifices towards their young ones.
  • This day enhances the importance of being aware of one family’s mental and physical health and together working towards the betterment of it.
  • US President Bill Clinton established this day in 1994.
  • This day is celebrated privately as well as publicly. It is usually celebrated in schools as well.
  • For our primary caregivers and the ones who have devoted their lives to give us a better one, we must take out one day to celebrate them, to make them feel appreciated and loved.

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How we celebrate Global Day of Parents

All over the world, The Global Day of Parents is celebrated privately as well as publicly.

However, and wherever it is celebrated, the first step to celebrate a day meant for parents is by honoring them with the utmost respect and hearty regards.

Children, either young or grown-up, may prepare surprising gifts for their parents, cook for them and take out time and spend the whole day spending quality moments and making joyful memories with them by engaging along with their parents the activities that exhilarate their parents.

Usually, families also indulge in parties, family picnics, and outings. They come together to recollect the fond golden memories of the happy times in the past. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to express their feelings of gratitude and love they feel towards their parents and pamper them as opposed to parents pampering their children on every other day.

Most Schools conduct Parents Day celebrations in their institutes. It is a day when the parents of the students are invited to the school. The schools arrange for fun contests, games, art exhibitions to display student’s creation regarding this particular day, sweet treats, and other fun activities where the parents and their children can indulge in enjoyable time together.

Be it through grand gestures or by the simplest of efforts, Parents can be made to feel loved and appreciated on this day meant to celebrate parents, it strengthens as well as sweetens the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

History of Global Day of Parents

Global Day of Parents was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2012 with the resolution to honor parents throughout the world. This day enhances the important role of parenting in the everyday world.

This day was established in 1994. This was the time when society slowly began to turn more and more self-centered.

Thus, US President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution to celebrate Parent’s Day to promote family commitment and parental responsibility.

This idea was supported by the Unification Church, Senator Trent Lott and introduced the bill into the Senate. Further, National Parent’s Day Coalition was developed to support this day annually all over the world.

In this coalition, it is mentioned that educational programs are provided for parents and aims towards promoting the stability of families.

Parent’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Like in the USA it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July and on eighth May in South Korea, etc.

Importance of Global Day of Parents

The celebration of the Global Day of Parents is of immense significance. Since it addresses a topic as vital as Parenting and Parent-child bond enhancement, it should be more widely recognized and observed.

The day is essential because it grabs attention to several matters. It discusses the importance of honoring one’s parents. To recognize parents’ endless efforts towards the children and their devotion and sacrifices for their younger ones as well as discuss the importance of healthy and responsible parenting.

The day also focuses on critical concerns like awareness regarding one’s family’s mental and physical well being. To reach out to each other on difficult times, providing support and helping at the betterment of health and well being.

It talks of ways and measures that could reduce the generational as well as the emotional gap between parents and children due to the busy modern lifestyle and proves helpful in connecting with one’s family more deeply.

FAQs on Global Parents Day

When is the Global Day of Parents celebrated?
The global day is celebrated on 1st June in the US. However, it is celebrated on varying dates in different parts of the world.

Is Global Day of Parents significant?
Yes. Global Day of Parents is significant as it enhances family bonds and appreciates the selfless commitment of parents towards their children.

How is the Global Day of Parents celebrated?
Global day of parents is celebrated privately as well as publicly. It is celebrated in schools. Also children can give their parents gifts, cook for They and spend the day with them.

What was the last theme?
The theme for 2019 was “Honor your Parents!”.

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