Happy Holidays Season 2019-20: Google says Happy Holidays with an animated Google Doodle

Happy Holidays 2019-20: Google wishes Happy holidays to all with an cute doodle on Christmas day, December 25.

Just a day ahead of Christmas, Search engine giant Google has started celebrating the holiday season as it rolled out a new special Doodle titled ‘Happy Holidays 2019’ adding to the holiday spirit. The Search engine posted their annual ‘Happy Holidays’ doodles from Monday.

You’ll also see ‘Happy Holidays 2019!’ written on the doodle when you move your mouse cursor over it.

The holiday season usually begins a few days before Christmas and continues until New Year’s Day and Hanukkah, celebrated in various parts of the world. The day after Christmas, December 26, is termed as Boxing Day when a lot of brands announce sales at huge margins.

Christmas falls on 25 December every year and is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. On this day people all over the world decorate their houses with lights and Christmas trees. They enjoy feasts with their family and friends, exchange gifts, bake plum cakes, sing carols and attend mass at church, both on Christmas Eve and the following day.

Now that Santa Claus has come to town, hope the year is filled with joy and happiness for you all. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Holiday Season:

(in the US) the period of time from Thanksgiving until New Year, including such festivals as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

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