Google started Emoji Scavenger hunt for an AI activity

Google introduced an Emoji Scavenger hunt to entertain its users. This is a scavenger hunt game that utilizes AI and your smartphone’s camera in a trial to discover real life items that parallel the emoji you are manifest. The time you have to find the items diminish with each trial. When you match an emoji with a real world object, you will get extra time on the clock.

The Emoji scavenger hunt game can be browsed and used in your browser and click on

Google’s machine learning stage takes what you are looking in the real world, and is able to match the image with the suitable emoji.

The objective, certainly, is to find all of the emojis before time is up. Meanwhile, we proposed that you use the mobile browser on your phone for a reason; the game’s website states that Emoji Scavenger Hunt is outstanding experienced on a phone.

Google has created a short clip describing the rules to look how the game is played. You can see it by clicking on the video at the top of this article.

These experiments are good example of how AI features like object identification are discovering their way into more and more parts of day to day life.

It’s also a good alarm that this coming week is Google’s I/O developer conference, where the company will assuredly have some AI news to divide. There’s gossiping to be an update organized for its AI camera app, Google Lens, and we’ll likely hear some more about the company’s cloud providing, like AutoML and its customized AI chips called as TPUs.


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