Google Assistant Is Now Available On Pixel C

Google Assistant is now accessible on a providing of various devices, for smartphones along with tablets. But today Mountain View’s own Pixel C has ultimately been given the support for further support.

The details comes from 9to5 Google, which records that although the AI-supported search assistant reply to voice or type as per usual, there is a curious deletion of the Lens feature, which utilizes a device’s camera to offer a visual substitute to customary search-input methods.

The Pixel C tablet was released in December of 2015 and has since been terminated as of December 2017. The device rendered what was – at the time – a curious naming convention for it made use of the Pixel moniker – something that had earlier been reserved which didn’t include for Google’s home-made, porch Chromebooks.

Both the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X were launched in 2015, which made the situation all the more bemusing, and it was rumored at the time, that Google might have been pursuing to amalgamate Android and Chromebooks into a single OS.

Till 2016 it is not clear that the Pixel name would be used for smartphones and other devices by the company. To this day it remains debatable as to if Google was originally planning to amalgamate the two varied OS platforms or if the Pixel C tablet was a trial to elevate market awareness of the brand name in and of itself, to better wrap 2016’s phones from their absence of Nexus specification.

The Pixel C also constitutes what would display to be the end of Google’s Android tablet ventures, which also saw the HTC Nexus 9, Samsung Nexus 10, and two years of ASUS-made Nexus 7 gadgets.

No new device was declared last year or the year prior, with instead 2017 seeing an update to the Chromebook line alternatively. Actually now that Chrome OS supports Android applications, there is apparently less need for a stand-alone Android tablet, mainly as costly Android tablet support has all but ceased from OEMs, and tablet sales, on the whole, pursue to decline due to the ever-expansive nature of smartphone screens.

During there are certainly sufficient big-screen gadget fans who continue to weaken for Google’s releasing a new tablet, the possibilities of such a product making a quick start at the upcoming I/O 2018 event, or even this year’s postulated Pixel product event later this year are less slim.


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