Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

“Once you know your purpose, don’t allow any circumstances or comments which have nothing to do with your purpose come in your way”

Chase Your Purpose With Passion
Realising the purpose of life and working towards it with passion, provides one with contentment. The purpose of life is different for each individual as everybody is unique. But once you know your purpose, don’t allow any circumstances or comments which have nothing to do with your purpose, come in your way, because according to Emerson, “The world makes way for a man who knows where he is going.” When you decide to chase your purpose of lite with passion, you don’t get tired. Even if you have to go through hurdles or have to go an extra mile in this process, you enjoy every stage of it.

Dealing With Failure
However, sometimes you may not achieve what you want and this could be really painful when you face a setback. You feel bitter and withdrawn. The whole world looks upside down and nothing can comfort you, as you feel it is the end of the world. Hence, you try to reach only the people who ended up with some sort of failure in their life path and never tend to contact those who are at the peak of their achievement. In the case of some extremely vulnerable persons, attempting to end one’s life is seen as a way of getting relief from the pain.

Recognize Your Potential
However, once you realise the fact that every adversity carries a seed of an equal or even greater benefit, you will know your inner self and recognise your real potential to bounce back. You may get knocked down in life, but it is not the end of the world. Great people also go through trials and tribulations in lite in achieving their goals.

Here is a great example of a man who took up storekeeping and tailed. He took up engineering and tailed again. He was also passionately in love and engaged to be married, but the girl died and left him in a terrible state of mind. He then joined politics but was defeated multiple times. But he never gave up his pursuit of being successful. The man is none other than Abraham Lincoln, who eventually became the president of America!

Persistence Is The Key
The simple key to attain the purpose of life is to be persistent. Do not believe that one experience of lost love or lost opportunity or other misfortune, has ended your chances of winning what you wanted. When one door closes, the other door opens. So, put the temporary setback firmly behind you and go out with a determined will to seek the better way to follow your purpose of life and in this process, you will certainly get even better opportunities.

Understanding Your Life Path Is Unique
Once you make up your mind to focus on finding the meaning of your life, you start thinking about this million dollar question – ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ It is not easy, as many thoughts come and go, pushing your mind in various directions. You try to seek the advice of great gurus or great leaders who are successful in their life, but you have to realise the truth that everyone’s life path is unique.

You cannot make it ‘big’ just because somebody did it in a particular area following a particular pattern. You have to control the steering of your life in leading the path that you have chosen and you should never let another person make an important decision for you.

Focus On Your Path
The purpose of life may emerge as a sudden thought or a spoken word or even as a spiritual calling from the universe. But once you feel the intense urge to follow a particular path and start finding happiness in it, you can focus on and follow it.

Nevertheless, you may sometimes find that the path you are pursuing is hard and may then try to give up but our inner self is always aware of the best path to follow to help us shine, but we tend to follow the easy path we are accustomed to, because change can be scary. as we don’t know what we will encounter when we follow the new path in our life’s journey.

Focus On The Present
Our past negative experiences may prompt us not to be adventurous and may provide hints of tasting failure again. But ships are meant to sail in the ocean, facing all the hindrances in their journey. They cannot be docked on the shore due to the fear of the rough sea.

In the same way, focus on the present and keep going in your lite, pursuing your deepest desire. Just close the door on ugly past experiences, disappointments and frustrations In this process, time – the great magician, will transform past sorrows and mistakes to present rewards, success and happiness.

Food For Thought
You can lead your complete lite without pursuing your purpose of lite, but you wouldn’t want to finish your life journey with any regret, that you could have done better in life, if only you had followed your purpose of life!

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