FDA warns people to stop consuming liquid nitrogen foods, as there are potential dangers associated to it.

FDA says, foods such as Ice cream, cereal or cocktails with liquid nitrogen can be seriously injurious to internal organs and cause damage. Inhaling the vapor released by a food or drink prepared using liquid nitrogen may cause breathing difficulty among individuals with asthma.

Liquid nitrogen Foods and drinks may be available in malls, food courts, kiosks, an other retail locations.

These products produce misty or smoke-like vapor, decorated in colorful cereal or cheese puffs. Liquid nitrogen is disguised under the names “Dragon’s Breath,” “Heaven’s Breath,” “nitro puff”.

“The FDA has become aware of severe — and in some cases, life-threatening — injuries, such as damage to skin and internal organs caused by liquid nitrogen still present in the food or drink. There has also been a report of difficulty breathing after inhaling the vapor released by liquid nitrogen when added immediately before consumption. Injuries have occurred from handling or eating products prepared by adding liquid nitrogen immediately before consumption, even after the liquid nitrogen has fully evaporated due to the extremely low temperature of the food.”

Affected People can consult a doctor through reporting their injury to the FDA.


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