Facebook Launches VANISH MODE on Messenger And Instagram | Check How It Works?

Facebook Announces Vanish Mode Feature: Facebook newly released various new and interesting features to enhance the user experience and develop the social media app more entertaining and interactive. One of the special features that Facebook initiated is the “Vanish Mode”. It permits users to send self-deleting messages on the app, and the sender can decide for how long the message will stay in the chatbox of the sender and receiver. We have already discussed this feature in previous Facebook articles. But now, it has been rolling out in the United States and in some other countries too.

Are you wondering how it works and how to turn on and off this Vanish Mode feature on your chats? Then, read on to know. Facebook has launched this vanish mode on both Messenger and Instagram. Currently, It is available on Messenger in the US and a few more countries, the feature is going to soon arrive on Instagram.

what is vanish mode & how it works

Revealing the new feature in a blog, Messenger Product Manager-Bridget Pujals, and Instagram’s Product Manager-Manik Singh said that “the Vanish Mode will allow users to share something silly or embarrassing and then instantly forget about it by disappearing the entire chat”.

What is Vanish Mode? How Does It Work?

Facebook Vanish Mode is a feature that lets users send messages that will erase automatically once it has been read by the recipient. The feature permits users to own secret conversations as the message gets self-deleted after the other user has read the messages. Vanish mode was released on the Facebook social media app back in September and now has been introduced to the Instagram app as well.

However, in the vanish mode, users are allowed to select the exact time for how long do they want the reader to have the message in their chatbox. This guarantees that the message will not stay longer than the specified time and the sender of the message shall get to decide the time securing secrecy. A recipient can discern for how much time the message will be accessible by observing a timer or a clock ticking at a corner of the message. The vanishing messages were also included on Instagram where users could decide to send in messages only for a certain time. Enjoy this Vanish Mode on Messenger by viewing the steps on How to Turn On & Off on Facebook Messenger.

Steps to Turn On Vanish mode on Messenger?

  • Go to Facebook Messenger App
  • Click the icon that seems like a pencil inside a square located at the top right-hand corner of the app.
  • Now, choose the user’s name to send a message.
  • Swipe up on the screen to turn on the Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger then after Send Message to the selected user.

Steps to Turn Off Vanish Mode on Messenger?

  • In order to turn off Vanish Mode on Facebook, Just swipe up the screen on a user’s message screen.
  • Send a message to a user.
  • The above step works only when the Vanish Mode is turned on.
  • If it is not enabled on messenger, then one must not need to turn it off.

In the present time, the vanish mode is under development to be launched on Instagram but the blog post states that the feature will be available only after you have updated to the Messenger integrated version of the app. If you need to know how will Vanish mode feature available on Instagram, stay connected with our site Versionweekly.com for more updated news on Facebook-owned Apps.

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