Daily Vocabulary from the Hindu 26th November 2019

1. Dawdle (verb): Meaning: To do something or go somewhere very slowly, taking more time than is necessary.
Synonyms: Linger, Dally, Loiter, Plod
Antonyms: Hurry, Hasten, Accelerate, Expedite, Lose No Time
Example: Stop dawdling and finish your work!

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2. Silken (adjective): Meaning: Soft, smooth, and shiny like silk.
Synonyms: Smooth, Sleek, Lustrous, Glossy
Antonyms: Coarse, Abrasive, Bristly, Granular
Example: The princess in the fairy story had long silken hair.

3. Elude (verb): Meaning: Escape from or avoid (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning
Synonyms: Avoid, Evade, Dodge, Duck, Circumvent
Antonyms: Encounter, Confront, Take On, Meet
Example: The bear that had eluded capture for so long was caught at last.

4. Fallible (adjective): Meaning: Able or likely to make mistakes.
Synonyms: Error-Prone, Erring, Imperfect, Flawed
Antonyms: Unerring, Unfailing, Impeccable, Faultless
Example: All human beings are fallible.

5. Torrent (noun): Meaning: A sudden large or too large amount, especially one that seems to be uncontrolled.
Synonyms: Outburst, Volley, Avalanche, Hail
Antonyms: Trickle, Dribble
Example: He was subjected to a torrent of angry words.

6. Captive (adjective): Meaning: Imprisoned or confined.
Synonyms: confined, incarcerated, caged, restrained
Antonyms: loose, unbound, unshackled, untied
Example: The terrorists were holding several British diplomats captive.

7. Denunciation (noun): Meaning: Public criticism of something or someone.
Synonyms: Denouncement, Condemnation, Reproof, Admonition
Antonyms: Commendation, Approbation, Acclamation, Citation
Example: All parties joined in bitter denunciation of the terrorists.

8. Naysay (verb): Meaning: Say no to; deny or oppose.
Synonyms: Deny, Gainsay, Contradict, Refute
Antonyms: Approve, Admit, Acknowledge, Concur
Example: I’m not going to naysay anything he does.

9. Appropriation (noun): Meaning: The act of taking something for your own use, usually without permission.
Synonyms: Stealing, Misuse, Annexation, Assumption
Antonyms: Return, Renunciation, Restoration
Example: The author objected to the appropriation of his story by an amateur filmmaker.

10. Wanton (adjective): Meaning: Lively; playful.
Synonyms: High-Spirited, Frisky, Jolly, Fun-Loving
Antonyms: Serious, Solemn, Earnest, Dour
Example: The wanton fawns were playing.

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