Do’s And Don’ts During Solar Eclipse Dec 26, Surya Grahan – What You Must Know

The rare phenomenon of the annular solar eclipse, or the ‘ring of fire, on December 26, 2019, would be clearly visible in some parts of India and the astronomy enthusiasts are all geared up to witness the miracle that happens very rarely.

2019 will see the year’s last solar eclipse on December 26. Eclipses are some interesting astronomical events that are watched with awe and wonder. Since the days of yore, there have been some beliefs associated with eclipses across different cultures. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that people advocate about eclipses in India. Scientific minds approach these questions rationally. However, many beliefs associated with eclipses seem to have some practical bearings which are worth adopting to get some positive benefits and also avoid some negative consequences.

What you must not do while viewing solar eclipse

It is not advisable to photograph or video graph solar eclipse with regular cameras or phones. During the totality of the eclipse, never leave the eclipse glasses. Before the totality ends, it is advised that you stop viewing the sun through binoculars or telescope. Never attempt to view the eclipse with naked eyes. Never focus on one particular sight of the eclipse exclusively.

Don’ts during solar eclipse (Surya Grahan)

Do not travel, eat food or drink water during the solar eclipse. Confine yourself within indoors and it is good to engage in some good work or god work.

A few hours before the eclipse, stop eating and keep your stomach empty during the eclipse time.

Grahan or eclipse is especially considered unsafe for pregnant women. They must never come outdoors during the eclipse or watch the eclipse.

Pregnant women must not cut vegetables or stitch clothes. In general, using sharp objects during eclipse must be avoided.

During the eclipse, do not touch the idols of god, tulsi plant and shami tree.

Do’s during and after an eclipse (Surya Grahan)

Before the eclipse starts, place some durva grass on the eatables and puja place and keep them closed. This grass is believed to keep negativity away from the foods and other stuff.

Once the eclipse is over, take a head bath, wear new clothes and prepare fresh food to eat.

After purifying yourself, sprinkle water sanctified with puja on the objects, god’s idols, eatables, and different rooms of the house.

Doing puja after the eclipse is over is believed to be highly auspicious and bring good luck to the home and business.

Spending time during the eclipse in prayers, chanting mantras, contemplating on God, reading some holy books, and engaging in other religious and spiritual works is considered auspicious.

It is said mantras chanted during the eclipse time will give immense benefits to the devotees.

Take home

Eclipses are not to be feared. Astrologically, every eclipse is believed to bring different kinds of results to people born under different stars. However, the general codes, rules and regulations advised for the eclipse are meant for everyone. Whether we approach eclipses scientifically or astrologically, it is good to follow the social conventions as they have been evolved over a long time by the culture.

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