Leaks aren’t any new for DJI, as the last several devices have came up online in some form prior to release.

DroneDJ has published an image of drone bearing the name “Mavic 2.” The device also sports what looks to be a swappable camera gimbal, meaning users could potentially switch out the on-board model with different version.

Until now, DJI’s flagship consumer drone has been the DJI Mavic Pro. Intended to be more portable, courtesy of folding arms, still delivering 4K video, it has 27 minutes of flight time and obstacle avoidance. Now, its successor has emerged. There are front and side obstacle avoidance sensors visible, likely to go along with bottom and back sensors. That would give 360-degree sensing around the periphery of the Mavic 2

CNET notes in a post that 360-degree obstacle avoidance is a possibility here. That help the new Mavic compete with the (admittedly pricey) R1from Playground Global-backed startup Skydio that captured the drone community’s hearts.

DJI is, of course, still far and away the market leader for consumer drones, and its Mavic line has gone a long way toward helping mainstream the product for consumers. But increased competition is no doubt keeping the company on its toes.


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