Direct Your Happiness And Optimism

Direct Your Happiness And Optimism

Vastu is often considered as a mystic science that has power of creating some miracles. And this aspect can’t be ignored, if one understands the logic that supports the tenets of vastu. In common parlance, vastu guides us to receive maximum positive vibes and to avoid the negative ones, additionally adopting this concept in practical life is as easy as uttering this sentence.

The vastu concept is very relevant in the modern scenario, where there is a shortage of time and place for introspection and confession. By integrating vastu tips in your lifestyle, you can stay cheerful and attract positive energy as well.

Attracting Positive Energy

Identify The Dull Areas
Whenever you make up your mind to find the solutions to family issues, stay away from the lonely areas of your abode like the canopy or the staircase top. These are the dullest areas in your home as per vastu and will never help you reach a fruitful solution.

Avoid The Corners
When in distress, one tends to look for the corners like the end of the lobby, last seat in the drawing room or the left out chair in the family lounge. According to the doctrine of vastu shastra, these are the areas where the chi (energy) gets stagnated. Needless to say, that the negative ends bring negative thoughts.

Don’t Seek Solace In The Storeroom
The storage areas also often attract a distressed person so that he/she can shut his/her ears from the world’s happenings and hide in the storeroom. At times, one tries to be cut-off from the outer world seeking solace in solitude, but this is again a negative state of mind that pulls one towards the storeroom, meant for extra luggage. Don’t become ‘extra but be participative.

Let There Be Light
According to Indian vastu and Chinese feng shui, light represents hope and darkness indicates hopelessness. So, try to take in the bright daylight or light from good artificial lights. Let it enter and stay there. Letting in the light may help in providing some relief.

Best Places For Positivity
Students are often scared of a number of things and happenings like fear of getting a less percentage in examinations. In such a state of mind, the family has to help him/her relax with support. As per vastu, the eastern room, balcony or lobby are the best places for relaxation and positive thinking. Avoid the entire southern areas for this constructive activity.

Revel In Positive Energy
Lawns and gardens are full of yang chi (positive energy). Hence, spending some time in these beautiful areas in the mornings is great for gathering good thoughts and one may experience much relief from anxiety or sadness. Soak in the sounds of nature and listen to its silent messages.

The Direction For Self-Progress
If you are getting acquainted with multiple avenues regarding your career and self-development, it is best done in the area located in the northern part of your building or home, as this direction is considered as the direction of career and perfection.

The Perfect Praying Place
Having the puja place in the ishaan direction located in the north-east of the house is the best. Try to communicate with God as this may be a sort of confession that relaxes the mind and tills it with wonderful calming effects.

The Direction That Fosters Irritation
South-east is the direction of agni tatva (the fire element) as per vastu, Therefore, sometimes this direction may be irritating. Hence, avoid passing much time in the south-east direction, especially between 11 am to 3 pm because this is the time when the sunrays range between ultraviolet II and III that creates arguments and impatience.

Create Positive Vibes
Chanting of religious mantras is another easy and powerful way that may create positive vibes inside the body and a positive aura around us. Therefore, vastu suggests having faith in the almighty and the practice of chanting mantras each morning.

Try to please, laugh and applaud. Turn your ears away from evils and adopt a feeling of forgiveness as this may change the perception of your life, The best direction for the same, is the entire north and from the middle of the east to the north-east. Try the above and get rid of unnecessary and avoidable tensions! Remember, life is precious and living a cheerful life is not only an art of living but a virtue of mankind.

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