Christmas celebrations 2019: Stories Behind The Christmas Tree

Christmas is the day that is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the worshiper of Christians. The event is celebrated worldwide on December 25. Christmas tree is the main Christmas tree. Christians make this tree special in their home right before the arrival of Christmas. There are many types of artificial Christmas trees available today. And how the Christmas tree was born ..? Do you know its significance ..?

Green plants have been a part of people’s lives ever since man began to exist on earth. Ever since, people have believed that only green trees have the power to resist evil forces. That is why the tree is also part of Christmas celebrations. In fact, the Christmas tree planted in the house was born from the Germans. In the Middle Ages, on 24 December, the Germans planted apples in the garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. They call it the Tree of Paradise. Gradually the Christmas tree ritual was introduced into Britain. There they started decorating the tree with a variety of candles, sweets and other things. In 1781, the practice entered Canada. Christmas trees, which are usually indoors, went out into the open by the turn of the twentieth century. In many public places in America, Massive Christmas trees have been installed in the square. Since 1923, the American White House has begun setting up their national Christmas tree on the south lawn. Christmas tree festivities begin in the United States by lighting the tree lamps each year.

Christmas trees were once collected entirely from forests. Farms and pine trees are now grown on millions of acres in the US, Australia, Germany, Canada and the UK. Almost all varieties of pear and pine trees are cultivated. It takes about 8-12 years for the tree to grow to seven feet. Artificial Christmas trees are now mostly imported from China. In the nineteenth century, feathers were tattooed in Germany in the 19th century, in order to prevent the erosion of forests. Christmas trees are currently being made with many ingredients.

Stories behind the Christmas tree
Meanwhile, there are some stories behind the Christmas tree. Two stories in particular are very popular. One of them is a small man with his two children. The poor cannot afford food for two days at a time. Going out for food, the father eventually makes a small piece of bread. Just before eating it in three portions, ” Jesus! They prayed, “Just like all the hungry in this world.” Later, while eating, a six-year-old child trembled in the cold and came to their house and asked, “Will you stay here tonight?” They invite the little children in. He tells them all four days he has not eaten rice. So they gave him their bread and covered the child with a rug .. He was satisfied with his hunger. At midnight the two Anna girls are awake. Above are angels flying in the midst of the stars. The boy who came to his house .. with a golden crown on his head and shining with precious clothes. Heavenly Father will do you good. ‘ Going further, the dry stalk grows outside the house. It grows and grows bigger as it looks. It is full of golden apple nuts. Some consider it to be the first Christmas tree.

Another story is that many years ago there was a tradition of going to church on Christmas day and giving various kinds of gifts to Christ. So does a poor child named Plabo who wants to give a gift to Christ. But he has no money to buy. This is what Plabo did when he took a beautiful plant in front of his house and put it in a small pot and took it to the church. But those in the church who see it make fun of Plabo. Even though Plabo has taken it .. the plant brought by the child is placed near the statue of Jesus. Soon the small plant had already grown and turned into a golden tree. It is believed that Jesus received the gift of the Holy Heart. It seems that the Christmas tree has been decorating ever since.

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