Children’s Day: Tips To Make The Day A Colourful Journey

Children’s Day is celebrated to honour children globally. The concept of celebration aims at celebrating the well being or welfare of children.

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated globally on November 20 every year. In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on November 14 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

Nehru’s birthday signifies his love and affection towards children, who are the bright future of India. Thus, The Children’s Day, is instituted to pay tribute to the great personality and his love for children, who is fondly referred as Chacha Nehru by the them. Hence, Children’s Day in India has a special reference to make it more special.

To make the festive mood more fun and colourful schools across the country organise various events to unleash hidden talents of children.

A tribute to childhood would be memorable and appropriate only when is celebrated with range of fun filled activities by providing platform to children to showcase their skills and strengths.

Making the day a special treat will always be a challenge as one has to step into the shoes of children to make the atmosphere light, colourful and enthusiastic.

Children’s Day Essay and Speech for School Students and Children

With the Children’s Day a few days ahead, Versionweekly has few tips for all the teachers and parents on how to prepare for the D-Day.

At School

  • Teachers can arrange cultural events for children, wherein they can participate in various competitions including painting, singing, dancing, enacting skits, quiz, informative play and fashion shows, basically aims at entertaining.
  • Organising games and sports competitions between teachers and students could be a more entertaining event. It also helps students to get closer to their teacher.
  • Along with children, teachers can take the charge of the stage to perform the occasion and rock the programme. They can perform group dance, comedy drama and a special group song dedicated to the student.
  • The educational excursion can also make the best part of children’s day celebration. An educational trip or a field trip can be a fun and happy moments for children as they spend their time in the lap of nature.
  • Theme dress or arranging fancy dress competition will be exciting. Children love to have a colorful ambiance. Allow them to wear colorful clothes instead of mundane uniform will surely bring a smile on their face.
  • Theme-based programmes will form a unique way to celebrate the day. Programmes can be organized based on themes like rose, love etc.

At Home

  • Children’s day is not only meant to celebrate at school. Though, the day is usually celebrated with fun in schools, holding a small celebration at home doubles their joy.
  • Parents can take their children for an outing like an amusement park, park, zoo, museum, planetarium, or perhaps a particular place you know they love to spend time.
  • Throw a party to your kids and also invite their friends to make occasion cherishable. Celebrating this day differently would be to have a party for some underprivileged children. This surely will uphold the real meaning of Children’s Day.


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