Children’s day! Ideas for teachers to make it special

If you are not “Benjamin Button” from the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, then of course you have experienced the childhood before anything else!

As a child, majority of you would have never thought that you would grow up to being a teacher whom the children have liked and hated alike! Being a teacher is a great thing! And being that “loved-by-all-children” teacher is an achievement.

Each teacher has his/her own way of being known, and that doesn’t mean they are known for a good reason! Some are always associated with a cane and some others for the words they use on children and a few as the “best teacher ever”!

Of coursem, you want to be tagged the best don’t you? What else does one want beyond a child’s respect and love? If you can inspire them, you are the greatest being they would ever know.

I’m sure you remember your Children’s day as a child. Wasn’t that the best time ever? Sure it was. So the trend still remains the same.

Children today, too want this day to be special because its in their mind that it has to be special! So make it! They do everything they are told in the class, so, for this one day make them feel happy. When they grow into adults they will always remember 14/11/2016.

Children’s Day Essay and Speech for School Students and Children

Mind you! Children come with a lot of expectation, do not let them down. If you can take that extra mile, you could as well have them all love you! Here is what you can do:

The theme work:

Children love to wear color dresses as against the regular uniforms, so you can give them a theme to get dressed in.

For Children

  • For toddlers, it could dress that have flowers, or a particular color, or different animals printed on their clothes. This is a great way to familiarise them with things
  • Older kids could be asked to dress up like their favorite world leader or the person they idealize or the profession they would like to take up when they are ready (this will give them an idea of what exactly they want to do in life, some may get inspired by their peers’ goal as well)

For Teachers

  • Primary teachers could dress up like fairies and other fictional characters out of the rhymes the toddlers are taught! (Kids at that age just love all the fantasy stuff!)
  • Other teachers who deal with middle and high school students can dress up as various superheroes available. (This is going to be the best part! Scratch that “young-on-the-inside” bone in you! The children in this age group are smart enough to recognize your efforts!

This leads them to know a “new approachable you” (because you are letting yourself loose and that paves way for a good rapport between you and your students.

Decorate the classroom:

  • Take the initiative. Decorate the classroom with colorful ribbons and balloons, ask children to help you do it, they love doing it!

Surprise them:

  • If you are a class teacher who has the whole bunch of students for yourself, then you must do this for sure
  • After all, the children in your class are your family for the year!
  • Take a nice chocolate cake and celebrate it in your classroom!

Entertain the young folks:

*One, two, three, four… get on the dance floor!

  • If there is anything children love their teachers to do on the list of other things would be to watch their teachers dance! Yes, they do!


  • I as a kid had an instant liking to those teachers who performed for us on Children’s day! Do not be that shy-old-thing! Bring out the child in you! Dance like no child is watching you! Have fun and entertain them as well!


Sing your heart out:

  • Sing a merry song and make the kids hum along

Conduct events prior to the day:

  • Conduct some fun events for children like painting, singing, dance, storytelling etc.
  • Announce the winners on this day and make them happy

Conduct a field trip to a fun place:

  • Children love to leave the classroom and travel out together! Provide them with this opportunity
  • Take them out for a small picnic, or a water world, zoo, planetarium, museum etc. Make them feel good and relaxed

Gift them and see their faces glow:

  • Gift them all something that they wouldn’t be able to forget

Conduct a meet and greet:

  • Organise a meeting wherein you have all your school children meeting the children from an orphanage or children who are specially abled
  • Teach them the one-word “love” through compassion and make, not only your school Children’s day special, but also of the other kids

The ideas just don’t end here, ask your students about things they would like to try out on a special day. Include them if they are feasible. Spread the joy. Here is a quote by Chacha Nehru “Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.” So there you are!

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