Lunar Eclipse 2020: Know How Chandra Grahan Will Affect Your Career, Based on Zodiac Signs

The first Full Moon of 2020 will be seen on January 10, Friday. The Lunar Eclipse January 2020 also coined with the term called ‘Wolf Moon Eclipse’ by NASA. The time & duration of Lunar Eclipse alias Chandra Grahan in Hindi, it will start from 10:37 PM on the moon night of January 10 and will end at 2:42 AM on January 11. Besides India, the ‘Full Wolf Moon’ may also be witnessed from parts of America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

These celestial events still create fear within people. For some persons, a lunar eclipse is a beneficial event for their career, health, and business.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 named ‘Wolf Moon’ by early tribes. Because it is a time of the year whereas the wolves are most vocal and they start hunting under this season. At some times, the full moon may mean a celebration for wolves but for us, it is entirely different.

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Here’s how Chandra Grahan will show an impact on people for all Zodiac Signs. Check what your Zodiac sign says about the career or health during this time?

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I think you may not like to do but it’s a time for you to take some break. Because you can’t get all of it done perfectly. Thus, it is important to take a break and think about how you should handle all your upcoming tasks.


During this time, people are advised to avoid stressful communications and don’t get provoked. Follow your strong intuition, but know all the facts properly before discussing your feelings.


This time eclipse will affect your sense of community and the people you pick to surround yourself with. Also, in the future, it will help you in understanding the dynamics of a relationship. Never think to give up on your dreams.


Avoid wasting time on power struggles and cover your energy. Especially, keep your values & relationships in place and evolve them for better.


Just stay away from unnecessary things. This eclipse helps you discover the problem and with some necessary amendments, you can give your relationship a new start.


Don’t fight with close friends. Sit calmly and fix issues without any arguments.


The lunar eclipse will be good for Libra. Predictions recommend that your career would see growth but we keep learning and maintain a good work-life balance to avoid conflicts.


Don’t let some other decisions affect you. Just say goodbye to negativity and move on. Take the high road and don’t involve in drama anymore.


You will be seen some financial concerns so pay attention to it. The more focus you keep on sorting out, the better the result for a stable financial future.


After this eclipse, you will be witnessed some positive changes in your career along with personal life. Also, you will be seeing more positive changes soon in your relationships. Don’t forget that your hard work will be paid off at some point.


You have to take care at this time because some anger and mental breakdown might happen. Also, you may feel disappointed at work but don’t sit calmly towards unfairness and hurdles with co-workers. Always stand on yourself but make sure about the place and time.


Well, probably you may give up on the vision you have of love. But do not give up on the basic idea of love in general. Better understand that the relationship you desire and supposed to happen, may not go in that way you think.

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