CBSE to offer ‘Applied Mathematics’ as elective for class 11, 12 students (2020-21)

NEW DELHI: After introducing two levels of mathematics papers for class 10 students, CBSE will now offer ‘Applied Mathematics’ as an academic elective at the senior secondary level for those who do not want to take it up for higher studies or won’t opt for engineering which require a broader understanding of the subject. The elective subject aimed at developing an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their applications in the field of commerce and social science, will be offered as elective for class 11 students from 2020 academic session and ultimately for class 12 students from the year after.

Students who had taken up ‘Basic Mathematics’ in class 10 will be allowed to opt for ‘Applied Mathematics’ at senior secondary level.

“Mathematics is widely used in higher studies — in the field of Economics, Commerce, Social Sciences and many others. It has been observed that the existing syllabus of mathematics aligns well with science subjects, but not so much with commerce or social science-based subjects in university education.

“Keeping this in mind, one more elective course in mathematics syllabus will be offered for senior secondary classes with an aim to provide students relevant experience in mathematics which can be used in the fields other than physical sciences,” the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said in an official notification.

According to CBSE officials, a course by this name was earlier designed as a skill subject.

“The academic course that has been designed now by the same name has several value additions to develop substantial mathematical skills and methods needed in other subject areas. Topics covered in two years shall aim to enable students use mathematical knowledge in the field of business, economics and social sciences. It aims to promote appreciation of mathematical power and simplicity for its countless applications in diverse field.

“It is expected that the new subject — applied mathematics — is taught by connecting concepts to the application in various fields, thereby enabling students to develop 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and mathematical thinking,” a senior board official said.

However, students who want to opt for mathematics in higher studies as an elective or want to take admission in mathematics (honours) course or engineering course will be required to take the existing subject ‘Mathematics’.

“Applied Mathematics course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of mathematics that are required to be successful in different fields of their career. Therefore this course may be selected by students keeping this aspect in mind.

“Students, parents and schools may take a conscious choice in selection of this subject by taking into consideration the scope of this subject in getting admission to different courses at university level,” the official said.

Board officials explained that the approach of the subject ‘applied mathematics’ will be practical in nature. Students are expected to learn through practical applications of mathematics in different disciplines, they said.

“The students who have passed ‘Basic Mathematics’ in class 10 will now be allowed to take up the new academic elective ‘Applied Mathematics’ at senior secondary level. Accordingly, the students who have passed ‘Basic Mathematics’ as well as ‘Standard Mathematics’ in Class X of CBSE exam are eligible for this course.

“However, students who have passed ‘Mathematics-Basic’ at secondary level are not eligible to opt for ‘Mathematics’ at senior secondary level. The affiliated schools who have permission for running ‘Mathematics’ course in their school at senior secondary level shall be automatically eligible to run this course with the availability of necessary infrastructure and human resources,” the official said.

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