CBSE New date sheet 2020: Class 10th and 12th time table to be declared

New Delhi: The CBSE Board Exams 2020 was stopped midway for Class 12 students as schools were shut down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The board exams for a few subjects had already been rescheduled in certain areas due to the North Delhi violence.

The ensuing Janata Curfew and Covid-19 lockdown further postponed the exams till HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal finally announced on April 1 that the CBSE Board Exams would be held only for those subjects that are required for college admissions in higher studies.

Now even though the lockdown was further extended till May 3, as per latest media reports, there is no chance of the remaining CBSE board exams being cancelled.

“This pandemic is affecting all students across the country. The situation is continually being assessed for appropriate action by the authorities,” said CBSE PRO Rama Sharma, speaking to India Today.

A CBSE board official also spoke to a media house and said that the dates for the rescheduled CBSE board exams would be declared only after May 3 when the situation has been analysed.

Rescheduled CBSE board exams 2020 to be held for 29 major subjects

Here are the 29 subjects for which CBSE board exams will be held after May 3.

29 subjects for which CBSE board exams will be held after May 3

CBSE class 10 new date sheet 2020

Almost all the subjects are already covered and only a few are left. The CBSE will release the class 10 new time table shortly on the official website. The subjects, whose exam is still pending are listed below. We will upload the new exam dates for these subjects when they are available officially. The students are advised to check the below given table time to time to get the latest updates about CBSE new date sheet 2020.

Latest Update: CBSE released the circular on 1st April that class 10 students will be promoted based on the performance in the already conducted exams. No pending exam will be conducted.

  • Social Science
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Computer Applications

Are you missing your CBSE Classes during this lockdown? Are you feeling bored with staying at home? Do you know CBSE board released the latest academic session 2020-2021 CBSE Syllabus for all classes to help students Study At Home? Do you have any knowledge about how to download officials released the latest CBSE Date Sheet, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Previous year papers, sample question papers, study materials, MCQ questions, NCERT Exemplar Solutions, and NCERT CBSE Solutions for all classes 1 to 12? So, here is the solution to all the above questions, “Study At Home” with the help of Online materials prepared by the subject experts considered the latest officials released Notifications & Curriculums.

Due to the Pandemic Coronavirus, Government earlier took a mature step by calling Lockdown and make all Indian citizens quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus. Educational institutions & schools were the first to close their operations. Students and parents are confused about a future educational academic session. To make you all stress-free, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released a new academic session 2020-2021 CBSE Syllabus for Classes 1st to 12th.

On this page, we have provided all important exam resources online materials for all Classes 12th to 6th students. By using these available CBSE Online Resources links, you can easily and happily read the current academic session syllabus by preparation an effective exam schedule. Also, we have come up with the Five Tips to Keep your Children Learning During Quarantine Period.

CBSE Online Resources – PDF Download

Five Tips for Keeping Your Kids Learning During Quarantine Period

First and foremost, it is best to inculcate the habit of reading in children. So, parents should encourage them to read because this is the right time to educate the kids in a better way. Reading will keep their minds spurred. Also, it helps in enhancing the kid’s attention period.

However, these classes will be life-long perks to your kid. Also, reading will make them a habit of learning whether they go to school or not. To make this possible, parents should pay some attention to their children during a lockdown and follow the five tips to keep them reading in the Quarantine period.

Here are the five main tips that you should consider to make your children learn during this Lockdown/Quarantine Period.

Note: Remember the precautionary measures to follow to avoid the Corona Virus (COVID-19), mainly while you’re staying at home with the kids & senior citizens.

  1. Create a Schedule
  2. Create a Learning Environment
  3. Assist, aid, facilitate
  4. Parent Updating
  5. Upgrading Technology

Tips To Keep The Children Learning

1. Create a Schedule

One of the best tips of home learning is creating a schedule that includes all activities of your kid like learning, playtime, having food, and enough rest. The main three activities that should be highlighted are learning, playing, and reading. Parents should design their daily routine schedule in a very creative manner by incorporating the main activities as a primary. If parents plan the schedule interestingly then kids will never miss any activity and also they will be motivated by the additional learning videos and extra innovative things. Take your time and have a conversation with your kids and then create a schedule for home learning.

2. Create a Learning Environment

After creating an effective schedule for home learning it is important to create a learning environment for them. Without a comfortable environment, kids can not focus on the studies, always they desire to play or chit chat with others. So, make sure that the home environment should be like a school or pleasant without any tv sounds or other noises. Learning can be done in any environment as fas as your kid concentrate on the concept while reading. As schools will have different environments but teachers will always stand beside your children to make them focus on the subject only. Likewise, parents should ensure that the environment in the home should not disturb your kid while learning.

3. Assist, aid, facilitate

The most prominent role played in the home learning environment is none other than parents’. Parents’ role is to guide and facilitate their children to learn more about the subject easily by themselves. Make sure that your kids shouldn’t rely on you while learning.

They must learn to create their own rules for their study. If they face difficulty in between their work, then they should need some assistance with suggestions and solutions. In this situation, both parents and children should work together to find the best solution for an issue.

Well, boards and other private schools also released online sites to provide support for parents too. So, parents can assist and aid the child just like that. Parents should always keep in mind that they are only facilitators in the home learning process. There are many online support program links offered by the school authorities for children at the time of home learning. So, parents should take care of the children’s home learning process and watch them not to take any stress or pressure while the learning period.

4. Parent Updating

In school learning, students will come under the supervision of teachers. But in-home learning, the parent plays the role of tutor, teacher, or supervisor for their kids. All they have to do is prepare their kid to learn the online material which was provided by the school authorities. Here parent has to check the respective websites for the curriculum if they did not found any update from the school people. To understand the curriculum in detail, parents will found some guidelines available on the website. And also the parent must go through with the study material online to help and facilitate the kid’s home learning.

5. Upgrading Technology

Upgrading technology is also one of the main advanced tips to keep your kids learning. Nowadays, technology has improved to the best level and an education system is also upgraded to the digital classes where students learn about the concept in a digital way where teachers play as a support to clear the doubts of the students. Not only digital classes but also kids can use the updated technology like learning and communication apps during their home learning to understand the subject to the fullest. Here, parents assist kids to go with the help of skype calls for learning the concepts with the help of teachers online classes.

After following these five tips, your kids will never feel bored of studying any subject or concept in their whole life. So, make use of this lockdown to the fullest and spend time to learn new things and improve your talents & skills. Also, make use of the provided CBSE Classes 1 to 12 online resources to Study At Home and prepare yourself ready for the upcoming lectures after completing the lockdown period.


We hope the provided tips and online materials will help you to keep your kids learning during the lockdown. The available online resources are taken from the official websites only. So, parents and students can utilize these CBSE Classes 1 to 12 online exam sources like syllabus, question papers, NCERT solutions, Problem-solving Exemplar Solutions by NCERT without any issues.

Also, share this article with friends and help them to study at home during this lockdown. Take care and follow the precautions while staying at home also to prevent spreading the virus. If you need any assistance, leave a comment below and we’ll revert back to you very soon. Visit our site for more information & updates about CBSE Board Exams 2020-2021.

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