CBSE Class 9th,11th Students, Board Opens Links For Correction Of Registration Data

Acting on the request of the schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has opened links for correction of registration data. We know how important correction of students’ data is, as data of registration is used for issuing registration card to the students and filling LOC next year in Class 10 and Class 12.

When many schools requested for correction in data, the Board decided to open link for making corrections in the registration data. As per reports, the link for the same has been opened today and will close next Thursday on November 21, 2019.

In its earlier circular, the Board had stated that the data of registration of Class IX/XI will be made available for submission of LOC next year for the classes X/XII. Hence, the Board has asked schools to ensure correct data during registration during the said period.

Note: No corrections, whatsoever will be entertained by the CBSE after expiry of correction facility pertaining to Registration of Class X/XI for session 2019-20.

For More Details download Correction Of Registration Data – Official Circular

Sub: Corrections in Registration of Class IX/XI students for session 2019-20 Madam/Sir,

You are aware that the last date for submission of Registration of Class IX/XI for session 2019-20 was 15.10.2019 with normal fees and 31.10.2019 with late fees for both classes-IX and XI. Correctness of students’ data is of highest importance as data of Registration is used for:

  1. Issuing Registration card to the students
  2. filling LOC next year in class X/XII

It was desired from the schools that candidates’ data uploaded in Registration be 100% correct. However, after last date of submission of Registration data, many schools have requested for correction in data. Looking into the requests made by the schools, as one time measure, the link for making corrections in the Registration data will be opened w.e.f. 14.11.2019 (Thursday) to 21.11.2019(Thursday).

Following may please be noted by the schools/ candidates/parents for needful action:-

  1. Schools can make the correction online in all fields.
  2. Subject codes should be chosen correctly and especially in the following subject codes be chosen correctly
  3. In Class – IX : Hindi – A (002), Hindi – B(085), Urdu A(003), Urdu B(303).

In Class – XI : Hindi Core(302), Hindi Elective(002), English Core(301), English Elective(001) Sanskrit Core(322), Sanskrit Elective(022), Urdu Core(303), Urdu Elective(003).

  1. Complete change of name of candidate will not be permitted. Only correction will be allowed.
  2. No new name will be allowed to be added in the data.
  3. CBSE will not correct the data from the hard copies of the Registration submitted by the schools to the CBSE. If any school has already sent the hard copy of the Registration to CBSE after making correction on hard copy of Registration, such schools are also directed to make online corrections.
  4. CBSE will record all the corrections made by the schools and if it is observed that data has been fiddled with, action will be taken against the school as per Affiliation Bye-Laws.

In case of vital data viz candidates name, father’s name, mother’s name & Date of Birth of the candidates, following has been desired:

a Students must give the expanded name of Self and Father/ Mother/Guardian. No abbreviations be given. In case abbreviations are given & at a later date, full name is required, Board will not entertain any such request.

  1. May check that their data is similar in all the documents like Date of Birth Certificate, School records, Aadhaar and Passport etc.
  2. Mention the name of mother and father as it is in their official/Govt record. Nick name or name through which they are known as in their family may not be mentioned.
  3. They will anticipate the requirement of the surname as when visiting abroad, it may be required by the visiting country to have both name and Surname.
  4. Their Date of Birth is as per Date of Birth certificate and as per school record. Students should describe their name in full i.e no abbreviated form shall be accepted.

The data of registration of Class-IX/XI will be made available for submission of LOC next year for the classes-X/XII. Hence, schools will ensure correct data during registration. All schools are therefore requested to ensure that the corrections, if any, are to be made during permitted period only. Print out of the corrections made, duly authenticated by the Head of the school be sent to the concerned Regional Office so as to reach latest by 30.11.2019.

It is informed that no corrections, whatsoever, will be entertained by the CBSE after expiry of correction facility pertaining to Registration of class IX/XI for session 2019-2020. After correct is over, Registration Cards will be made available to the students/schools.

It is expected from the Principals that they will read the circular carefully, understand the same for implementing correctly to avoid future problems.

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