CBSE Class 8 English Letter Writing

CBSE Class 8 English Letter Writing

Introduction to Letter Writing
A letter is a written form of communication that is addressed to a specific person or a specific organisation. It is one of the easiest and non-expensive means of communication. The relationship between the writer and the receiver determines the way a letter is written. There are several ways of writing a letter, each having its own style.

Letters are of two basic types

Formal Letters
These letters include applications, letters to editors, official letters, letters to and from organisations, government departments etc. These letters have an objective or business-like style of writing. While writing formal letters, one should ensure that it is not too extensive. These letters are supposed to be short and to-the-point.

Informal Letters
These letters include letters to parents, relatives, friends etc. These letters have an easy and conversational language.

How to Write a Letter
The most important element of writing a good letter is your ability to identify and write to your audience. If you are writing a letter to your friend, it will be crafted in an entirely different manner than if you are writing a formal letter. Learning to write a good letter also needs practice, knowledge about proper form and the ability to put into words your feelings, thoughts and/or ideas. If you learn the basic parts of a letter, it will help you to create letters for a variety of audiences and occasions.

The Presentation of the Letter
The presentation of the letter can be hand-written for less formal letters that are addressed to friends and family members, especially thank you letters. In the case that you have illegible handwriting, you may want to consider typing the letter. It is important to determine the tone which will be written in the letter, including a professional tone or a tone that will be taken with friends or family members in a more informal setting.
Read through the letter once it has been completed to ensure that the tone remains the same. The tone can be adjusted based on the language which is used through the letter.

Parts of the Letter

Your Address
At the top of your letter, you will put your address, so the reader will know where to send their reply to.

Put the date on which the letter was written in the format Month Day Year i.e. 15th June, 20xx.

Inside Address
The inside address is only required for a business letter and will include the address of the person you are writing to, along with the name of the recipient, their title and company name.

The salutation will address the individual that the letter is being sent to. This is usually completed in the form of “Dear Sir/Madam”.

The Introductory Paragraph
The first paragraph will generally outline the purpose of the letter and the reason that the letter is being sent. This can address any issues that are outstanding and is used to set the tone for the rest of the letter. In this first paragraph, the summary of the letter can be found and the intentions which will be displayed through the rest of the letter should be outlined. From the first paragraph of the letter, the introductory paragraph, the individual should be able to note the tone of the letter.

The Body
The body of the letter will expand upon the introductory paragraph and the individual can extend their thoughts and feelings further when it comes to the letter. The body of the letter can be anywhere from multiple paragraphs for personal letters, to one or two paragraphs for most business letters and other types of proposals.

The last paragraph should sum up the issue raised in the letter. It can include suggestions and methods of solving the issue. It should be concise and to the point.

The Closing
In the closing of the letter, the individual will close the letter. The closing of the letter comes in various forms from yours truly, for those individuals who are familiar with one another, to a traditional sincerely which is a versatile closing that can be used in a variety of formal letters.

Formal Letter Writing Topics For Class 8 

Formal letters demand a formal treatment. They are written in an impersonal style. The expression is formal and business oriented, the language used should be polite and firm. Formal letters may include:

  1. Letter to the Editor
  2. Application to the Principal
  3. Business letters
  4. Letter to Government Officials (Complaint letter)

Formal Letter Writing Topics Solved Questions


Question 1:
Write a letter to the editor of‘The Times of India’ complaining about the nuisance created by the use of loudspeakers. You are Peeyush Sharma, a resident of Sector 15, Vasundhara Enclave, New Delhi.
CBSE Class 8 English Letter Writing-1

Sector 15,
Vasundhara Enclave
New Delhi – 110096
18th October, 20XX
The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject     Regarding the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers

Dear Sir,
I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers through the columns of your esteemed newspaper.
Now-a-days, the use of loudspeakers at religious places, political gatherings, marriages etc has become a very common sight. The organisers of these events do not bother to turn off the loudspeakers after the stipulated time. In a lot of cases, the use of loudspeakers continues till late in the night. This creates a lot of nuisance and disturbance for a lot of people especially students and senior citizens.
I would want the authorities to look into this matter and put stricter rules in place. They must ensure that the use of loudspeakers does not continue after the stipulated time is over. Their efforts in this regard would be much appreciated by one and all.

Yours truly
Peeyush Sharma

Question 2:
Observe the following visual and write a letter to the editor of a local daily regarding the condition of bad roads in your locality.
CBSE Class 8 English Letter Writing-2

A-2/678 Sector 10
Ashoka Enclave
New Delhi – 110076
28th November, 20XX

The Editor
The Pioneer
Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi

Subject Regarding the bad condition of roads in our colony

Dear Sir
I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards the bad condition of roads in Ashoka Enclave through, the columns of your esteemed newspaper.
The roads are in bad condition with open pot holes, due to which the vehicles are not able to move freely. During the rainy season, water gets collected in these holes, due to which many accidents take place. The roads are broken due to indiscriminate digging of roads from time to time. The residents of our colony have suffered a lot in the past few months.
I would request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and take immediate action. They must ensure that the roads are safe and smooth for the easy movement of traffic and for the safety of the people. Their efforts in this regard would be much appreciated by one and all.

Yours truly
Prakash Kumar
(Resident of Ashoka Enclave)


  • Write a letter to the Editor of ‘the Hindustan Times’ complaining about the nuisance created by the rickshaw pullers and auto drivers at metro stations.
  • Write a letter to the Editor of the ‘Times of India’ regarding the frequent traffic jams on the roads of your city because of poor road conditions.
  • Write a letter to the Editor of the ‘Amar Ujala’ regarding shortage of drinking water in your area.


Question 3:
You are Rohit Sharma, monitor of class VIII in SM Arya Public School, Faridabad. Write a letter to your Principal asking him to arrange for special coaching in Science. Give reasons why you need this.
Answer :

5th January, 20XX
The Principal
SM Arya Public School

Subject Regarding arranging special coaching classes in Science

I am the monitor of class VIII ‘A’. On behalf of my class I have to make a request. Our Science teacher was bed-ridden and was on leave for a month. Our half yearly exams are approaching and our syllabus is not yet complete. Now, if he tries to finish the course in a hurry, we shall not understand the lessons fully. We shall be highly obliged and thankful to you if you arrange extra coaching classes in Science so that we get enough time to practise and learn our lessons fully.

Thanking you

Yours obediently
Rohit Sharma

Question 4:
You are Rohini Mittal, a student of Delhi Public School,Ghaziabad. Write an application to your Principal asking him to sanction you medical leave for 2 weeks. Give reasons, why you need the leave.

3rd September, 20XX
The Principal
Delhi Public School

Subject Leave application

I am a student of class VIII A, in your school. I am suffering from Dengue fever. For this reason I have been admitted to Action Balaji Hospital. I would like to apply for medical leave from 2nd September, 2014 to 16th September, 2014.
Kindly sanction the leave so that I do not fall short of attendance during Half Yearly Examination. I shall be obliged to you.

Thanking you

Yours obediently
Rohini Mittal VIIIA

Question 5:
You are Sudhanshu Arora. You have passed out of DAV Public School,Rohtak. Write an application to your Principal, requesting him to issue you a character certificate as you need one for college admissions.

3rd June, 20XX
The Principal DAV Public School

Subject Application for issuing of Character Certificate

I passed out of your school in the previous academic year (2013-14). I am pleased to inform you that I have passed with flying colours. I have secured admission in the prestigious college of Medical Sciences, Pune. Please issue me my Character Certificate as I have to submit the same by 10th June, 20XX, to complete the formalities of admissions in the Medical College.
I shall be highly obliged if you can do so at the earliest.
Thanking you

Yours obediently
Sudhanshu Arora

Question 6:
You are Shruti Dua , a student of Bosco Public School. You have been promoted to class VIII C, which is a Sanskrit section. You want to opt for French Language for which you will have to request for a change in section. Write an application to the Principal for the same.

4th October, 20XX
The Principal
Bosco Public School
Mandir Marg
Subject Request for change over from Sanskrit section to French section
I am a student of your school and have been promoted to class VIII C, which is a Sanskrit section. I request you to please change my section to VIII B, which is a French Section. I am interested in learning French and I promise you that I will work hard in French and get good marks.
I request you to change my section at the earliest as the studies have commenced and I do not want to miss any class.

Yours obediently
Shruti Dua


  • Letter to the Principal—Assume yourself to be the student prefect of your school. Write a letter to the principal complaining him/her about the poor quality of food served in the school canteen.
  • You are Preeti Sinha. Your farm iy is experiencing a major financial crisis as your father has lost his job. Write an application to the principal requesting for redemption in fees.
  • You are Sudha Verma, the Vice President of the Sports Association of your school. Write an application to the principal requesting him/her to allow you to hold a self-defence camp for all the girl students, for which you might have to invite an instructor.

Business Letter Writing Topics for Class 8

Question 7:
You are the Area Manager of your company. Write a letter to the Director of ICICI Bank- One of your valuable clients, for the payment of pending arrears towards your company.

Tata Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Seawood Estate
Navi Mumbai-983217
1st January, 20XX

The Director
Thane Mumbai-985643

Subject Payment of pending Arrears

Dear Mr Khanna,
I have noticed that your bank (ICICI Bank) has arrears in payments pending toward our company, since the invoices have n t been paid for the past 90 days.
In order to motivate our clients to settle their obligations before the due date, we have introduced a discount model where we’ll give you 2 % waiver of the invoiced amount if you pay us within 7 days of receiving the invoice.
I hope that both you and your company are doing well. Since you are one of our most important clients, we appreciate your business. In case you have some questions; you can feel free to contact me at 011-27658765.

Yours faithfully
Deepak Malhotra
(Area Manager)

Question 8:
Write a letter to a wholesaler dealing in text books and story books for ordering of some books that you require for your shop.

34 Outer Ring Road
New Delhi-110045

12th July, 20XX
The Manager
Sumedha Book Center

Subject  Order for books

Dear Sir,
I shall be grateful if you will send me by VPP 5 copies of each of the following books, as early as possible.
1. Harry Potter Series- All Books                   2. Emma by Jane Austen
3. David Copperfield by Charles Dickens    4. Classics Retold by Chetan Sharma
5. Advanced Mathematics by HC Sharma.
My address is as above. Payment will be made by cheque within 5 days of delivery.

Yours faithfully
Mohit Tandon

Question 9:
You are Sunil Kumar, a resident of B-168 Vijay Vihar. Write a letter to the Accounts Manager of State Bank of India for opening a new savings account.

B-168 Vijay Vihar
Near Shivam Optical Delhi -110094 16th December, 20XX
The Account Manager State Bank of India
Vijay Vihar Branch
Subject Request for opening a New Saving Account
Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I, Sunil Kumar is interested in opening a new saving account in your bank. I am a permanent resident of Vijay Vihar. I am enclosing the required documents and photographs as per your verification. I would appreciate if you do the needful to initiate the process as soon as possible.
Thanking You

Yours Sincerely
Sunil Kumar

Business Letter Practice  Questions

  • You own a sports shop in Preet Vihar, Delhi. Write a letter to a wholesale dealer ordering cricket kits for your shop.
  • You are planning to get your entire office renovated. Write a letter to XYZ company to send design catalogues to your office along with the price quotes so that you may finalise a budget and a designer.

Letter To Government Offiials for Class 8

Question 10:
You are a resident of Nihal Vihar, Faridabad. There is too much traffic chaos in your locality. The school children are the most vulnerable group as their safety is at stake. Write a letter to the Area MLA to solve the above mentioned problem.

36 Nihal Vihar, JP Extension
23rd February,20XX

The Area MLA
Nihal Vihar

Subject Traffic chaos at Deepali Chowk

Dear Mr Singh,
I am pleased to see you are living up to your campaign promises on the issue of traffic improvements.
There are far too many individual traffic situations needing attention to enumerate them all, but I would like to draw your attention to a particular intersection. The corner of main and centre streets in Deepali Chowk is full of danger for the dozens of school children who cross these streets everyday. Without a traffic light and crosswalk there, it is only a matter of time until tragedy strikes. Please pay special attention to this situation before the new school session starts. I will be highly obliged if you do the needful.

Yours faithfully (Sign)
Shikha Menon

Question 11:
Write a letter to the Traffic and Automobile department stating that their accusation about your car (Honda City Model No. 678) is false. Direct your letter to the Assistant Magistrate of the concerned department.

16, Cyber Lane
Devan Road;
New Delhi -126089
30th November, 20XX

The Assistant Magistrate
Traffic and Automobile Department
Government of NCT; New Delhi -120034

Subject False accusation regarding Honda city Modal No. 678

Dear Sir/Madam
I received your letter dated 12th October, 20XX, alleging that I failed to register my car (Honda City model no 678). I am sure that this is a simple clerical error. The officials from your department inspected my vehicle on 5th October, 20XX and I have already mailed the inspection form, the emissions report and the license fee to the Motor Vehicle Department on 20th October, 20XX. I am enclosing copies of my new registration form.
I hope this is sufficient information for you to correct your records.
Yours truly (Sign)
Ramesh Khanna

Question 12:
You are troubled by the fact that there are many homeless people, who sleep in the park adjoining your locality. Write a letter to the concerned official of the Local District Office to solve your problem.

126 Downing Street
Kolkata -567890 9th February, 20XX
The Area Officer
Local District Office; East Zone
Kolkata -567890

Subject  Problem of homeless people sleeping in parks

Dear Sir,
In the last several years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of homeless citizens sleeping in the park adjoining downing street. On any given night I can count at least ten individuals quietly sleeping under trees and on benches, with the result that the residents of Downing Street feel unsafe and insecure. On behalf of the over 100 neighbourhood residents who have signed this letter, I present you with this petition requesting the concerned officials to build temporary relief camps for the homeless.
I am sure you will pay heed to our problem and will solve it as soon as possible.

Yours truly
Jagat Singh Chillar


  • There are no proper street lights in your locality. This is leading to an increase in right-time thefts as well as accidents. Write a letter to the local district officer to look into the issue.
  • As the President of the Residents Welfare Association, you have decided to celebrate the festival of Dussehra with great pomp and show. However, for that you need to book the main playground as the venue. Write a letter to the concerned body if authority seeking permission.
  • Assume yourself to be the President of Residents Welfare Association of your locality. Write a letter to MCD complaining about the increase in number of street dogs in your locality and the problems faced by the residents because of this.
    Informal Letters
  • Write a letter to your friend telling about summar vacations.

Informal Letter writing Topics for Class 8 with Solved Questions

Question 1:
You are Meet. Write a letter to your friend asking him about his trip to Manali and also inviting him for your birthday party.

262 Lake View Apartments
South Extension
New Delhi-110096
13th June, 20XX

Dear Joy,
How are you my friend? It has been some time since we met. How was your trip to Manali? Hope you enjoyed in the mountains. I received all the postcar is which you had sent me from there. Thanks a bunch! I loved each of them.
Hey! Guess what? My Aunt Meghna has organised an early birthday party for me and she has asked me to invite all my friends. You know very well that no party of mine is complete without you. So please be at my place this Sunday. The party doesn’t start till 4, but do come early so, that we can go cyclihg. Bring Arun along with you too. Don’t he late.
Hope your parents are all right. Give them my regards. And wish you all the best for your cricket match today. See you this Sunday.

Your loving friend

Question 2:
You are Rohit, residing at 56, Munirka Enclave, DDA Flats, New Delhi. Write a letter to your friend Rahim, telling him about your new school. You can use the following
Hints Infrastructure-Nice, airy, big classrooms, Furniture-comfortable,sufficient, attractive Playgrounds- big and grassy Education-able teachers, computer aided teaching, well equipped labs Emphasis on-over all development of the child

56, Munirka Enclave, DDA Flats
New Delhi-110067
14th May, 20XX

Dear Rahim,
You will be glad to know that I have recently joined my new school in Vasant Vihar. The name of my school is Mother Mary Sr. Sec. School. The school has a very attractive building. The classrooms are beautifully constructed. They are big, airy and spacious. The furniture is comfortable and attractive. The surroundings are neat and full of greenery. Playgrounds are very big.
The teachers use the latest technology for explanation and for giving assignments. Emphasis is not on cramming but on being innovative. Learning is fun and I look forward to going to school everyday. Rapport between the teachers and children is also good. We are not scared of our teachers and corporal punishment is banned in our school. More emphasis is laid on the over-all development of the child.
With this kind of education, I look forward to fulfilling the goals that I have set for my future. I feel proud to be a student of Mother Mary School. I shall write more about my new school in my next letter.

Your friend

Question 3:
Taking help from the information given below, write a letter to your younger brother advising him to give up the bad company in which he seems to have fallen.

Letter from the Principal
Irregular in doing homework
Friendship with decent and intelligent children


19, Pushpanjali Enclave
Pitam Pura
New Delhi
16th July, 20XX

Dear Paul,
We have received two letters from the Principal of your school, complaining about your irregularity in submitting home-work notebooks and indiscipline. You have scored low marks in your quarterly tests. Even in Science, which used to be your favourite subject, you have failed.
There was a call from your hostel warden too. He was complaining about your disinterest in studies. •
Dear brother, I can’t see your life being ruined like this. Our parents have high expectations from you. I hope you will try to mend your ways by avoiding bad company. We are always known by the company we keep. So, brother please be careful in selecting friends for yourself. Be in the company of good and intelligent children.
I hope you will take my advice seriously and work towards being an ideal student and an ideal human being. Looking forward to a favourable report from your Principal and hostel warden next month.

Yours affectionately

Informal Letter Writing Practice Questions

  • Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to grow the habit of newspaper reading.
  • Write a letter to your friend giving him suggestions about the importance-of physical exercise in our life.
  • Write a letter to your friend telling her how to use mobile phones for positive’ use.
  • Write a letter to your younger sister telling her the benefits of time- management.
  • Write a letter to a junior friend explaining him to avoid eating junk food. Use the following hints:

(i) Leads to obesity.       (ii) Increases risk of heart attack.
(iii) Waste of money.    (iv) Eat healthy food instead.









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