How to Utilise this Lockdown for Studies? – CBSE, ICSE, State Boards, JEE Main, NEET Entrance Exams

Panic, anxiety and alarm have become the norm of the day around the length and breadth of the planet. In these unprecedented and unexpected times, staying focused with your long term goals and putting one’s mind into studies can be a tough task.

But how often do you come across such circumstances? Holidays, healthy and home-cooked food, the warmth of your family, indoor games, fun and folly and an ever running high speed wifi. Sounds like a fairy tale to me. I believe we have to count our blessings and use this god-send time to focus on our goals and ambitions

This is once in life time opportunity, especially for students whose exams are on hold or cancelled. Some students are happy that the exams are postponed, some are gloomy and some, my favourite category of students, just doesn’t seem to care. But, there is one common factor among all these three category of students that is the simple fact that they seem to be bored of being locked-up within the four walls of their home.

Home not-so-sweet home.

So the question here is, how do you utilise this time effectively?

I call it The Great Indian Corona Wheel!

How to Utilise this Lockdown for Studies

So let me explain how it works and how each of the things listed in the wheel, not only helps you pass the time but also gives you a head start in developing an all-rounded bright career

It’s family time– Your mom is preparing your favourite masala dosa in the kitchen, your dad is cleaning the carom board ready to play, your grand mother is watching her favourite sop opera on the TV and your grandfather cursing corona for cancelling IPL while you sit there scrolling down your facebook feed, all in the hall at the same time. How often do you get to see such a scene nowadays? Savour it, because you won’t get this time back. Knowledge is gained more with interacting with people than studying books. Talk to your grandparents, get to know them and you will be surprised at the kind of things they would have done in their lives. Play that carom with your dad; try to beat him if possible. Help your mom in the kitchen, play that YouTube cooking video for her and help her finally make the pizza you like so much.

Because the things you learn from family stays with you longer than the things you learn at

Do the hobby– It’s time to dust that guitar off, take out those favourite novels of your from the almyrah and do what you love to do. If you don’t have a hobby, don’t worry, now is the perfect time to develop one. Learn to sing, learn to play a new instrument, read, write, explore what you are interested in and capable off. Who knows, the nest William shakesphere or a Lata Mangeshkar might be sitting amongst us. Practising your hobby or developing a new one is an extremely important step towards an overall development of a student. It refreshes your mind and helps you gain an increased span of focus and attention in anything you do.

Sweat it out– It goes without saying, but I will say it nevertheless, your body is your temple. Always remember that. Exercise for an hour two and release those endorphins out of your body. Nothing makes you feel refreshed and revitalised like putting your body through some training and exercise. Run, jog, skipping, yoga, pushups, pull ups etc., there are plenty of exercises that you can do at home without having to go out and risking infection. As they say, exercise is a celebration of what your body can do not a punishment for what it cannot.

Eat, eat and…EAT!– Nothing, absolutely nothing beats the taste of your mom’s cooking. No McDonalds or gol gappe can compete without your mom’s simple dal rice. Ask a hostelite, he will tell you. So eat well and eat a lot. It’s okay if you gain a little bit weight, it’s accepted in these times. Because if you want to do all the things mentioned above and much more, you need to eat, eat and…You know it!

Remember what’s in the centre of the wheel…Study!

Last but definelty not the least; keep those textbooks open, at least once a day. Remember while all the things mentioned above is secondary, our primary aim is get that sharp mind of yours running and well oiled so that you can study well and do good in your career.

Keep yourself and your family safe and healthy, study well and make your parents proud. All the best!

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