Amazon will stop selling Nest products very soon as a part of conflict with Google

According to a report from Business Insider, Nest products won’t be sold by e-commerce website to any further extent the moment existing stock sold out. Amazon previous year refused to provide some of Nest’s latest products like the Nest Cam IQ and latest-generation smart thermostat.

After weeks of simply avoiding the products and being unresponsive to Nest, Amazon announced the company of its resolution by phone late in the year and stated the order “came from the top,” something Nest took to designate it had been reached down by CEO Jeff Bezos. However, there has been no direct announcement of this.

As reacting to the news, Nest will no longer vend any of its products on Amazon after current inventory runs out. This is reportedly because of the company requirement to have its total lineup available.

Nest has resolved to stop additional restocks at Amazon once remaining product inventory is drained. It’s uncertain whether third-party sellers will carry on selling Nest gadgets, but Amazon itself will not. In separating itself from Amazon, Nest’s reasoning is that the powerful retailer should be dealing its overall product family or nothing at all. Presently several Nest products are handy with Prime shipping, but they’re “fulfilled by Amazon” and literally being sold by other sellers.

Amazon has faithfully ignored to sell some Google-branded products such as Google Home voice assistant speaker and the company’s Pixel smartphones. In December, the online retailer stated it would start again sales of the Chromecast streaming device, but it has been three months and which we still can’t buy it. Previous summer, Amazon started a Prime Video app for Android, but has yet to add support for streaming its content with a Chromecast.

Google has removed YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV streaming products and the Echo Show / Spot, asserting that Amazon broke its terms of service with those executions of the YouTube app for its part in this disagreement. There were once signs that the companies were fixing the charred bridge between them, but that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

Amazon announced its acquisition of Ring last week that a maker of smart home doorbell and in-home cameras. The company reportedly spent over $1 billion for Ring in a trail fastening track its task of turning Alexa the ruling digital assistant in the homes of consumers. Amazon pursues to sell homogeneous products from August and other companies, but soon won’t have to worry about advertising one of its main competitors on its own store.


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