alexa turn up the bass- echo equalizer feature

Just say ‘Alexa! Turn Up the Bass’. Amazon introduced a new equalizer (EQ) feature for Echo that will allow you to make changes the way your playlist sounds when it’s played.

New feature, allows you to adjust the bass, midrange, and treble individually, within a range of plus or minus 6dB.

You can adjust the EQ through voice commands to Alexa or manually with the Alexa app or on-screen controls with the Echo Show or Echo Spot. There are number of ways you can ask Alexa to change the EQ, like “Alexa, turn up the bass,” “Alexa, set treble to maximum,” and “Alexa, reset equalizer.”

Parameters will apply to all type of media that is being played, after the requirement is set.

Applies to all media, meaning, that your podcasts and audiobooks will also be played with the already set bass. Be aware that you remember to change your settings.

Sonos Beam and Sound United’s Polk Command Bar are also going to come up with EQ feature.

The ability to EQ music will be rolled out to all Echo devices in the coming days. Those in the US will immediately have the ability to use voice commands. Voice commands in other English-speaking regions will be coming in the future.



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