Add A Happy Vibe To Your Surroundings

Add A Happy Vibe To Your Surroundings

“Yellow is a universally acclaimed colour associated with optimism and life. Infusing the colour in its bold or subtle tones reflects light and harnesses energy”

If you want to add a rays of sunshine or a splatter of cheer in your living room or brighten up the study with a lively hue, or put in some comfy inviting sofa in your space – your one stop solution should be the colour yellow!

Painting the room in the lighter hues or one bold shade of yellow against white or just bringing in elements with the tinge of yellow in terms of book cases or shelves or cushions may add that cheery spark and a happy vibe to your surroundings. Yellow printed light summery curtains or curtains in lemon yellow, can also do the trick of creating a space resonating with life and optimism.

The colour yellow, since time immemorial, has been accepted for representing positive, happy vibes. We tell you how to infuse the colour yellow in your home decor and how to quite literally take this happy colour home.

Easy Fixes
It a major makeover at your home is not what you want, infuse the colour yellow in the form of funky yellow coloured cushions (plain or printed), or put up a piece of art in the hallway or change the upholstery of your sofa. Add a bold yellow coloured shelf or a rack for some books or a fancy time piece. Also, changing the curtains or adding a screen that plays with the colour yellow is a good idea. These little effortless moves will bring the yellow dynamism, right in.

Play With The Colour
Teaming up yellow with white will always create a fresh and airy space. And combining it with softer shades of green emulate a relaxing space. Also, a sophisticated appeal can be acquired by pairing the bright colour with a background of grey.

Creating a spring-like ambience is probable with a wise and subtle mix of yellow and purple. However, a word of caution is to pick your yellow right – as a little variation in the shade can make a place meant to relax, look jarring.

Go Bold In The Kitchen
A dining room or the chef’s paradise should have a stroke or light or neutral colours to neutralize the effect of different aromas of constant cooking or baking. Keeping a light tone of yellow is quite helpful in accentuating the brightly coloured pots, pans or crockery which rest on the shelves of the kitchen.

The colourful bowls and cups add to the inviting warmth of a kitchen. A true lover of the yellow hues will revel in having kitchen cupboards which are a glossy, block shade of the primary colour.

Brave It With Red
Combining the two primary colours can get you the warmth and the fiery positivity in one stroke. The combination of red and yellow spells vibrancy and can be attempted with a change of bedspread or a lamp shade or by merely redoing the paint on the set of drawers.

Energize Your Work Space
Work spaces are always in dire need of positivity and cheerfulness. Using yellow in the place where you spend about twelve hours of your day, will promote energy. It is a subtle and yet a livelier choice over plain white.

Say It In With Flowers
Still uncertain about the permanent infusion of yellow In your decor? Just get a beautiful bunch of fresh yellow coloured flowers like marigold, sunflower, lilies, roses or primroses to enliven the place. The floral touch can be altered and changed without having to re-do the theme or colour scheme.

A vibrant, comfy place is what we all like to get back to after a long day at work. So ring in the yellow in your home and ring out the negativity. Pablo Picasso seems to have perfectly summed up the essence of the colour by saying,

“Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

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