A Culture Steeped In Aesthetics

A Culture Steeped In Aesthetics

“The design and perfection of geometry, the aesthetics and the engineering of ancient creations is remarkable!”

Despite the British colonial rule of more than 250 years that took a heavy toll on the local economy in terms of architecture in the Indian subcontinent, the simplicity of aesthetics was such, that with the material available like stone, mud and brick, what was created was phenomenal!

Aesthetics In Ancient India

One incredible example of this is Bhaktapur in Nepal. Unfortunately, earthquakes have caused much damage. but it will be restored to some extent. This is a thousand-year- old living city. And almost the whole of ancient India was like this. There is aesthetics at every step – just a water place s designed like a temple. Everywhere on the floors and walls, there is a small motif and everything was done by the hand. You can imagine the sense of aesthetics that must have powered them and what it must have taken in terms of money, effort and time to create.

Remarkable Creations

If you look at the Kailash temple in Ellora and the Tamil Nadu temples, they will make you proud of being human. The design and perfection of geometry, the aesthetics and the engineering is remarkable! It is incredible that all this was created by human hands only. However, it is important for us to see that hundreds of years ago, people were capable of creating something like this.

Utility Vs Aesthetics

Today, in India it is all about utility and to create something beautiful is considered not worthwhile. Our aesthetic sense has gone out the window. If you drive through many parts of India, you will see half of the houses painted in all shades of acrylic paint. This is a consequence of hundreds of years of poverty. Thus, to reinstate a sense of beauty and aesthetics, there has to be economic welfare. But till this situation comes into being, we should keep in mind that everything cannot be about utility.

Aim To Live Beautiful!

If it is all about use, I have to ask you – what is the use of your life? If you think your life is useful, you are a fool. Even if you were not here, the world would still spin – everything would go on! You will realize this, when you fall dead and when everything will be perfect without you. Hence, it is not that we are useful in some way. If human beings did not exist, the planet would flourish.

So, the question is not how useful we are, but how beautifully we live. No other creature destroys the beauty of nature like us. As human beings, our lives and our requirements are such that we destroy so much natural beauty. Due to this situation, it should be our obligation to create only that, which is truly beautiful. Whether it is a building, any other structure, your body, clothing, or anything else created, the beauty of nature must be replaced to whatever extent it can be replaced.

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